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Prank at work with Fake Degrees

Do you think you are less noticed at your office even when you try to do your best? Or is there another guy who does less work and gets all the chicks attention. May be you should think again and try to add some flare to your desk.
Lets try to play a prank with your coworkers whom you can leave flabbergasted and wondering if you really were the guy who discovered a new species of frogs when you were in South Africa and worked there as a part time micro biologist. Watch the comments pass around your cubicle as your coworkers pip at your fake degree which you purchased through online degrees website.
With this fake degree in micro biology which got from an online degree website you can exaggerate and boast of some strange and wonderful experiences you had when you were in South Africa. Tell them how amazing it was camping on the treetop hotels; you amazing safari in the savannah grassland where you nearly got attacked by a heard of wildebeest or about you lunch being knicked by cheeky monkeys when you were bathing near the waterfalls.
Why not give advice on what is the best pet one can have, or what are the things one can do if they are being stung by a bee. They would definitely buy your stories and consider that you truly are a micro biologist after having a look at you fake degree displayed on you desk.
Soon you may be on your way to become the most talked and the most noticed guy in your office, with the hot chicks bringing coffee at your desk for Mr. Biologist and the new comers taking you advice as to what are the things they need to do whenever they want to go out camping in the woods.
No matter what the problem may be, you can always voice your answer and even if it is nonsense your coworkers would buy it as you are the guy with immense knowledge and possesses a fake degree in Micro Biology which looks authentic.
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