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Prescription Glasses & Spectacles Switching

Advising against wearing someone else’s prescription glasses is a commonly experienced occurrence. Many people harbours the belief is that switching prescription glasses is unhealthy for your vision and may aggravate you eyesight disorders.

Knowledge of the basic reason for vision related disorders will help you to analyse the merit of this claim. During the development phase of your eye, more than average exposure to TV or reading affects the shape of your eyes. When the shape of the eye is not proper, poor eyesight follows. Thus when you put on someone else’s prescription glasses or you keep switching among the ones you have, it does not have any damaging effect on your vision.

Though it is not as dangerous as it is made to appear, in life, there occur so many situations where a need arises for more than one prescription. For example, imagine that you are driving down an unknown road and in your hand you are holding a map. To look at the road, you will prefer distance vision improving prescription glasses. But to read the map, you will need a pair of prescription glasses that facilitates your nearby viewing. Changing glasses at that moment is not only impossible but dangerous too.

Bifocal or varifocal prescription glasses provide the perfect solutions to these situations when you have the need to switch glasses to aid in different activities. Bifocal glasses have different powers in the upper and lower half, which can prove to be a great boon in situations like one mentioned above.

On the other hand, varifocal glasses are a special form of multifocal spectacles. Varifocal glasses go by various other monikers like the progressive glasses, graduated glasses and no-lines bifocals. The different powers at different levels of the lens give these glasses the name ‘varifocals’. At the top of the lens, the power is minimum, which gradually increases in the middle level and finally, the bottom part of the lens has the maximum power.

When you are going out in the sun, in case you don’t want to switch between your regular prescription glasses and your sunglasses, then prescription sunglasses will be your ideal option. They have all the features of a sunglass and the lenses are customized according to your prescription. Prescription sunglasses are your ideal aid when you feel like reading while relaxing on the beach.

Switching prescription glasses may not be a medical hazard, but the use of bifocals or varifocals reduces the need for doing so. On top of it, it makes many activities effortless.

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