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Problems With a One or Two Way Baby Monitor In Apartments

Parents often turn to technology for fixes to various parenting problems. These solutions sometimes take the form of gadgets that have the potential of making life a lot easier for the today’s working parents. Then again, if you live in an apartment building with a dozen or more tenants, you could come across a number of additional setbacks every time you try to use a wireless device because baby monitors in blocks of condos/flats definitely face the challenge of interfering with each other.

Fixing Wireless Interference
Baby monitors basically provide parents with an extra pair of eyes or ears. As helpful as these gadgets may be, they could also turn out to be a nuisance every time you encounter interference problems. Unfortunately, such instances take place quite often if you live in multi unit housing with close next-door neighbors.

There are actually a number of ways to get rid or avoid interference issues when using baby monitors inside an apartment building. Here are some of them:

1) Change the frequency band.
Most modern wireless devices are equipped to change channels. The process may be as effortless as sliding a switch or pushing a key. If you happen to be using a router with a wireless connection, then you should at least stay away from the uppermost or lowermost channels. These frequencies have a tendency to interfere with other devices in your home, including the baby monitor.

2) Switch on the baby monitor before other devices.
In order for the baby monitor to obtain the best reception and transmission, you need to switch off all devices that are transmitting. Then switch on the baby monitor followed by your other wireless gadgets. This lets the monitor “grab” the best reception possible.

3) Purchase a digital baby monitor.
This will significantly reduce interference and make sure that your neighbors will not be able to pick up the sounds transmitted by your baby monitor. Most are now marked clearly digital vs analog. This way, you can rest assured that the only sounds you’ll hear are your baby’s.

4) Keep your electronic devices at a safe distance from each other.
If channel adjustments still won’t work and you wont be changing your baby monitor, keep the conflicting devices at a distance from one another. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of interference.

Other Safety Tips

– Avoid liquid with baby monitors. Electric shock can result.
– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about usage and placement.
– Handle the baby monitor with care. They do break especially the antenna.
– Safeguard the baby monitor from direct heat sources, including the glare of the sun.
– Position the baby monitor’s receiver or transmitter out of the reach of other children.
– Remember that no gadget can ever really replace the eyes and ears of the parent.

Baby monitors sounds a simple topic doesn’t it? But there are many many different styles, variants and flavors for you to consider. Find out more