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Protective footwear systems for your child’s feet

We present to you two useful “systems” which are useful for when it comes to selecting footwear for kids.
· The Pablosky System
· Power Shot Balls (PSB)

The Pablosky System

The well known brand for children´s footwear in Spain, offers a protective new system in its design to care for the feet of your children. It’s known as the Pablosky System.

This system is distributed throughout the shoe providing proper foot support to assist any child’s development. We´ll now analyse the shoe by its different parts:

· Heel – The back inside of the heel is built for stabilisation to impede any sudden twists which could lead to a sprained foot.

· Shoe Tip – Has a reinforced toe shield to protect the toes of children.

· Material – Is made from 100% natural leather to guarantee maximum flexibility, resistance and breathability for every day wear.

· Sole – a firm non-slip rubber sole, which provides maximum support and grip for any movement of the foot, providing optimal grip on damp or wet ground.

· Insole – contains an anti bacterial and drying function, which is important to avoid the emergence of any organisms that could be harmful to our children.

At Pablosky, research and development plays a vital role to continuously improve the standard and quality of care for feet for all kids and youngsters.
With a team of 10 people dedicated exclusively to the development, investigation of materials, fashion screening…allows for a constant evolution of new systems.
Pablosky has been developing shoes for more than 40 years and the Pablosky System is their latest technological advancement.

Power Shot Balls (PSB)

The other system we´d like to introduce to you is the Power Shot Balls footwear. This is a system especially developed for kids who play sport, especially football. Power Shot Balls is an new technology which consists in the application of polymers in determined areas of the shoe. These polymers have an magnificent ability to contract and expand, providing them with an incredible memory effect. Sounds amazing, but it is true.

This is the first time this systems is used in the world of footwear, or to be more precise, in the world of sport footwear which allows for the ball to be kicked even further as it bounces against the polymers. This is an exclusive system for kids from the brand Footgol.

Furthermore, apart from the Power Shot Ball system, this sport trainer from Footgol has other compensations:

· Sole: is made from a flat non-slip rubber material which allows for multidirectional traction, great comfort and excellent grip.

· Comfort: Comfort and breathability is very important when playing any sport. Moreover the insole features a perforated EVA lining which allows for automatic moulding to the foot.

· Instep: The upper material of the shoe is made from microfiber material for a comfortable fit and excellent tact with a ball.

· Shoe tip: Is made with integral sewn elastic which allows for extraordinary durability.

· Power Shot Balls (PSB): The system which allows kids to kick the football even further with the innovative polymer technology.

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