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Put Love Into It

If there was a simple yet very powerful way to get what you want in life, would you want to know the secret?

In this article I reveal all. Read on to discover how to have the love, happiness and success you want – more easily and sooner than you expect.

After twenty years experimenting with different self help philosophies and techniques I recently made a surprising discovery. Let me tell you how that came about.

I am a reluctant healer. What I mean is that I never set out to be a healer but life had different plans for me. And, ironically, I get remarkable results for people.

Now, I do not really heal anyone. I simply provide energy and the body intelligence of the person I am helping uses the energy I provide to heal the body.

Interestingly, my healing work gives me an amazing insight into how energy works, how to allow more energy to flow and how to let go. These very principles are the same ones you need to use to create a happy life.

The more energy (enthusiasm, inspiration and joy) you have and the more you let go the easier it is to not only get what you want but to enjoy the journey too.

This is all very well but how do you use this knowledge to create life on your terms?

By experimenting with the healing energy I have found that the most powerful energy is love. When I put love into my healing shifts happen much faster. Sometimes faster than I believe is possible – this love energy has no concern for limiting beliefs!

In your life, you can put love into it and have much more happiness and success as a result. It will also transform your relationships at home and at work. Why? Because when you put love into it you generate a very attractive energy field that draws people to you. You may even become luckier because love keeps you in the flow.

How do you put love into it?

1. Start with Love

When you start your day give 20 minutes to meditating on love. If you already know how to meditate you can adapt your approach to focus on feeling love.

If you do not meditate you can listen to music that causes you to feel love. You could also hold in mind someone you love and feel that love deeply for 20 minutes.

Do this and you will be glowing when you go out into the world.

2. Choose Love

During the day simply notice if you are feeling love or not. If you are not you can then choose to feel love.

We create the feelings of love in our heart chakra so simply imagine you are radiating love from your heart. Choose to feel love and you will. Over time this gets easier and easier.

Love is the glue of the universe – it keeps us together and our dreams closer still. Every time you choose love you connect to all of life and things start to click.

3. Love and Wanting Love

Generating the feeling of love is very different to wanting to be loved. This is a key distinction. If you generate wanting love that is what life will reflect back to you. We do not want to do that.

Feel having love, being love and acting with love – do so with intensity. That is the secret.

4. Lightning Fast Manifestation

You can use the love feeling directly to achieve your goals. If you would like to meet new people, be more successful at work or happier at home you can make things happen much more quickly with the power of love.

Here is how to do it:

After you charge yourself up into the love state, by doing what we covered earlier, and you have strong feelings of love hold in mind what you want.

Let us say you want to date someone special. Imagine and feel as if you are already dating him or her, here and now. Feel the love feeling at the same time and you will see much faster manifestation of your dreams.

Now, think about what you really want and go and
put love into it!

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