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Qualities of a Good Family Dentist

While not everyone gets overly enthused about going to the dentist, it is one of those things most people understand is just a necessary part of life. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis helps to keep your teeth clean and free from issues that could plague your overall health.

If you have kids, those regular dentist visits become doubly important, as a child’s oral health is constantly changing and evolving. For people with kids, finding a family dentist that works for everyone is the key when looking for new dentists. Choosing the right dentist is a highly individual kind of thing, but you may want to keep your eyes open for some specific qualities that most good dentists share.

The first thing you’ll want is experience as a family dentist. Dentists who have experience working with kids of all ages have usually formulated the demeanor and routines that kids respond to. One of the keys to a good family dentist is making kids feel comfortable and keeping the anxiety level down during the examination. By choosing a family dentist who has done just that hundreds of times, you’ll increase the likelihood that your kids will like the dentist and enjoy their time at the office.

You’ll also want a dentist who runs their practice in a family kind of way. This means a flexible schedule to accommodate patient work and school schedules and simultaneous appointments that allow multiple family members to be treated at the same time. Once everyone has their appointments and feels comfortable in the chair, look for other qualities that tell you this particular dentist is the right one for you.

Try to find one that shares information freely and likes to educate both the child and adult patients while they’re in the chair. This helps instill positive oral habits in kids and lets them know the dentist truly cares. A professional with a wide breadth of knowledge about the teeth and mouth makes every member of the family feel more comfortable when a specific treatment is suggested. A good family dentist will involve the patient in some of the decision-making, and give access to records and charts.

It’s especially important that family dentists have a gentle touch when working. For many kids, it is their first trip to a dental office or still early on in the game, and for a dentist to cause any pain could be very detrimental. You’ll want your dentist to have a soft touch, and have above average manual dexterity to help perform all the procedures that need to be done.

Some of the positive qualities of a good family dentist won’t be realized until you or your kids are actually in the chair. For this reason, feel free to ask around for testimonials from other patients before you sign on with anyone. If you can choose the right one, the experience will always be pleasant and your kids will always look forward to going.

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