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Quality healthcare with valve replacement surgery in India

With innovative techniques and cost support for valve replacement surgery in India, patients with valve problems can enjoy a full recovery. Heart valve replacement, also referred to as open heart surgery, is the medical procedure that involves treatment of the aortic valves and severely damaged mitral valves. Heart valve surgery is also used to treat any valve disease that is life-threatening. This surgery usually uses two types of valves namely, mechanical valves, which are usually made from materials such as plastic, carbon, or metal or biological valves, which are made from animal tissue or taken from the human tissue of a donated heart.

Well, for those interested in knowing about the details of the valve replacement surgery in India, the operation involves opening the chest to get to the heart and the problem valve. However, you would be under the influence of anaesthesia and will be asleep during the operation and hence would feel no pain during the valve replacement.

This Valve Replacement Surgery in India is performed with either using a ‘mini’ incision in the ‘breastbone’ (sternum) or under the right pectoral muscle to access the heart valve. The human heart pumps sixty to eighty times per minute to deliver blood to the body – carrying nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells and keeping us alive. Electrical signals from the brain regulate the heart’s rhythmic pumping – the top chambers and bottom chambers pump in synchrony to ensure maximum functioning. Valves between the chambers keep blood flowing in the proper direction.

As it is essential that blood flow in one direction through the heart and it goes in the wrong way through heart’s chambers, it can interrupt blood flow and cause inept pumping. This is the time when, valve replacement surgery may be necessary to fix the problem.

If the doctor has advised for valve replacement surgery in India or any part of world, then it is recommended that you should talk to different members of the surgical team, such as the anaesthesiologist, surgeon, cardiologist, respiratory therapist etc. for a smooth operation. This will relieve all your fears regarding surgery. You may also discuss the details of the operation with your family members and even visit the intensive care unit (ICU) where you may be sent after the operation for recovery.

Medical tourists may come from any parts of the world and may seek necessary health care services such as heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India as well as balancing services like aesthetic treatments, While the medical tourism component might be a huge draw in India for few Southeast Asia nation that focus on simple procedures. India is positioning itself the primary medical tourism destination for the most complex medical procedures in the world.

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