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Quick Look At Food Manufacturing Industry Trends

Manufacturing is one of the widespread industries. Manufacturing industry reports point out that many manufacturers have improved financially in last few years. Even after substantial growth they are not willing to spend on new technology, capital equipments, hire skilled employees because they don’t have clear idea about political and economic stability in next year.
Experts predict that new innovative production methods will be introduced in the coming year. These production methods will be helpful foe manufacturers to reduce their production cost per unit. It is also predicted that new product ideas, supply chain management techniques and much more will come ahead due to development in production process and its related activities. Lean manufacturing techniques is adopted by most of the manufacturers. Market research reports indicate that in coming years there will be more learning and research around green field implementations and core systems. Manufacturers will try to get the significance of cloud computing.
It is determined from the industry research reports that there will be tremendous demand for electronic devices and applications in future. Manufacturers of mobiles, iPod, iPad, and other such devices have to gear up to full fill the increasing demand. They have tom come up with innovative products to attract more customers. As per research data social media sites are playing significant role in promoting manufacturers products and services.
As per 2011 industry reports 66% Food processing manufacturers are optimistic about growth in future. They prepared priority list for coming year and it was found that almost 57% manufacturers said foods safety is first, 29% manufacturers gave priority to cost control, 20% of them gave importance to energy issues and environmental issues, and very few gave priority to water issues.
In manufacturing industry reports it is determined that more than 70 percent of manufacturers are implementing food safety measures. To do so they will practice following measures employee training, development of HACCP plans, upgrade sanitary equipments, improve pest control, and third party verification.

Some surprising facts came out in the 2011 market survey. When asked about importance of going for green manufacturing concept. Only 37% said it is more important but in last year this percentage was 69 percent. There is a tremendous drop in the percentage. 5 percent said green manufacturing is less important and 9 percent said it is not at all important. Whereas 49% said the priority is almost the same there is no change. Luckily the response in less important and not important bracket was far much better compared to 2010 response. In market reports it is found that 37 percent of manufacturers are planning for growth to deal with economic issues. Whereas 34 percent are reducing staffs to deal with the economic issues, 15 percent are planning to consolidate their plants and 9.3 percent are cutting off the salary to deal with the issue. Overall from 2010-2011 there was an optimistic view towards improving food safety issues and adopting green manufacturing methods.

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