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Quintina Strange Strikes Back On Bullying With New Programs

Quintina Strange Founder of Bully Buzz Intervention and Prevention strikes back on bulling by adding My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper bully intervention programs.

For those of you who are not familiar- Bully Buzz, is a Bully Intervention and Empowerment Program for young children, teens, and young adults. The organizations website states and supports the belief that every person regardless of race, gender, religion, personal trend, and sexual preference has a right to be their own individual in their own way without having to face the fear of being hurt by anyone because of who they are.

Their program allows young children, teens and young adults to submit private request online seeking assistance for bulling situations they may be facing at school, work, or within their community. Their online requests will create a support ticket that can be followed with intervention updates and alerts Bully Buzz that there is a need for intervention. Every support ticket is documented with every procedure and step taken to intervene and prevent.

My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper Programs are now apart of the Bully Buzz Intervention and Empowerment Program’s Intervention process for young boys and girls and young men and ladies.

According to the organizations website they will use the programs as part of their Intervention process that helps build and correct integrity and character issues in young children and teens who bully.

Upon entering the program the bully will have to go through a humility structure and humbling period where he will have to hold a sign for 2 hours in public view.

Within this program bullies will have to become peer consultants to those victims who reach out to Bully Buzz for bully intervention, giving them an opportunity to hear and feel the pain that they put their victims through.

Bully Buzz believes My Brother’s Keeper and My Sister’s Keeper Programs will:

1. Create awareness between peers by implementing unified circumstances that create confidential, and trust-worthy communication.

2. Create awareness that everyone is different, but should be treated equally in non-violent matters.

3. Teach proper communication and self-awareness.

4. Create self-control.

5. Impose unity which will decrease and eliminate violence.

6. Create peace in order to create focus on education and life skills needed to be productive in society.

For more information about these programs and to learn more about how Bully Buzz is striking back on the ongoing bully epidemic, visit their website at

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