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Quitting Smoking Is So Easy

quitting smoking is easy. Yes, believe me, it is easy and it can be easy for you. You have heard so many pessimists say the opposite and maybe you have believed them. Perhaps you have ground your teeth and tried to stop. After miserable failure you maybe thinking: ‘It was far from easy the last time I tried.’

Yet I will tell you that stopping is easy if you approach it in the right way. If you simultaneously deal with the physical addiction and the psychological dependence, if you alter the way you think and feel about smoking, then it’s easy.

Think of a chain with a padlock attached. If you use the right key the padlock opens, freeing you for ever. If you use the wrong key you can try as much as you like but you won’t get the chains off. The more you try the more it annoys you. You stay locked in and trapped until eventually you stop trying and you believe it’s just too difficult to stop.

Many so called experts will try to tell you it is hard to quit smoking. Many smokers may shout with authority that it is so hard, and unfortunately many medical professionals will also give you that line, based on their experience of other methods of quitting. Ways and means differ, but 82 per cent of smokers who have used the correct method confirm it was easy.

And it doesn’t matter whether you have been smoking for less than a year or for more than 70 years, or any length of time in between. You can quit, easily and permanently.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female. You can break out of the smoking trap and remain free from cigarettes for ever.

It doesn’t matter if you smoke fewer than ten cigarettes a day or more than 50. Yes, incredible as it seems, some people do manage to squeeze 60 or more smokes into every 24-hour period. The correct method will work for them.

It doesn’t matter if this is your very first attempt to stop smoking or your 100th. This time you can and you will succeed.

Forget, too, about the usual aids, artificial or otherwise. You will find it simple to quit without willpower, without patches, without chewing gum, without pills, without lasers, without acupuncture and above all, without withdrawal pangs, weight gain or adverse side effects. You will be able to draw a line under your past life as a smoker. You will gain the benefit of better health and longer life, and you will have more money to spend on other real pleasures.

Just choose the correct method.

Doug Grahame. Making the decision to quit is hard in itself, I found the program that finally helped me and spelt it all out, the pitfulls I will meet and how to overcome them. Situations I had to be wary of. After many attempts of various methods I settled on a program that had been around for 15 years, treating over 30,000 smokers.