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Raid Recovery: the way to accomplish it

RAID array has its chief purpose in increasing the reliability of disk info storage system in course of reaching the needed productivity of the given structure. No modern data storage server can do without a trustworthy and rapid store, formed on the basis of RAID array. Commonly information saved on these drives is exceptionally important for its proprietors. It is clear that the information on the move of cash in banking firms, databases and managing programs in the workplace, drafts and big schemes of design studios and architectural workrooms and, certainly, the bookkeeping info of each agency is exceedingly essential.

Loss of information from the RAID array is any time a huge stress for the firm. For a lot of areas of activities it is simply unfeasible to function without operating with big volumes of info. If the firm loses the access to such info it will sustain serious material damage, or simply be on the brink of downfall. For these firms it’s matter of life and death to be enabled to recover data.

One of the major troubles is the failure of HDD drives which constitute one volume of RAID array. In case the array type does not enable the possibility of breakage of one or two disks with the continual run without missing of information, the information kept on the remaining undamaged HDD disks can not be extracted with no the restoration of the faulty one. A few kinds of RAID arrays allow the fault of one or two HDD drives with no losing data and array keeps operating in normal mode. We suggest you not to take away the drives from the server in case the hard disks of the RAID array go wrong. You must apply to experts. And you should mark the numbers on the disks and put down the sequence in which they were in the server in case you really should do it. The procedure of Partition Recovery from such an array will be greatly simplified. Professionals in this sphere as a rule check every HDD disk from the array independently. If a breakage of a hard disk is revealed, they take the sector-wise image from it and the defective drive isn’t involved in subsequent info recovery process.

The wrong acts of users or managers are another often problem of data loss of RAID array. The work of the data array becomes improbable as soon as a user who is not enough prepared by accident modifies the setup of RAID controller. Drives on the HDD disks removed from the array for testing or replacing can also cause the loss of data from the array. And the user should not be asked to correct the error which he’s introduced. In these cases it is better to have resource to professionals that as quickly as the can recover efficiency of the RAID array with special undelete software, test the information integrity and in case needed conduct all required actions to recover it.

One more very typical user mistake which can lead to the data missing is accidental formatting of RAID array. The chief aspect in such situation is keep from writing anything on the RAID, making novel partitions and loading on it an operational system, since after such actions to recover the data will be almost impossible.

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