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Regular Exercise Helps Your Body

Exercising is very good for the body and an effective way of dealing with excess body fat. The following tips are meant to give you an outline of what different sporting activities which can help you in dealing with body fat and overall health.


Bicycling is a good way for you to see outdoors and get some fresh air. It is also an efficient and easy way to burn out calories and bodyfat. Regular biking improves cardiovascular health and depending on the intensity, you my burn between 400 and 500 calories for an hour worth of cycling.


People run for a number of reasons and the main ones are to keep in shape, be fit and get to the ideal body weight. Research has shown a combination of the right diet and exercise can lead to weight loss. Running enables the cardiovascular system to strengthen and helps burn about 150 calories per mile. Running is one of the most effective forms of calorie burning and running can burn off bodyfat fast.


Rowing is another effective method for weight loss. Using a rowing machine works well becuase you use the larger muscles of the body. This exercise helps shape up the arms, back and legs. Another great advantage of rowing is the ability to create a rhythmic style when exercising. This technique helps the body change into the fat burning zone you need. At least 10 minutes of rowing a day can burn a lot of bodyfat, tone you up and make you feel great.


Hiking for at least 45 minutes a day can burn up to 370 calories. If this is done daily for a year, the results can be the burning of a total 131,400 calorie, and this is about 40 pounds of body fat. This exercise helps improve all parts of your body and can get your body fat to musle ratio normal. I really like hiking and walking and it is calming to the mind.


Playing tennis for at least 45 minutes a day can burn up to 400 calories. If you can do it enjoy it.


Swimming on a regular basis can help build muscles and reduce body fat.

These are just some basic exercise suggestions. I would also include resistance training, interval training and ti chi.

David Grisaffi is a Sports Conditioning Coach and holds multiple
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Level II Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist, Golf Biomechanic,
and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. Plus he is also the author of the
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