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Remedying Colic Naturally

While colic seems like an incurable situation there are some options that will offer comfort and soothe your baby. Many of these remedies happen to be natural, yet many parents don’t turn to these first even though they might work better. Regardless, many parents turn to natural colic remedies when they can find nothing else to soothe their baby. Most doctors don’t have any suggestions that will help you soothe your baby’s colic, so natural remedies might be your best option. When you can no longer stand sleepless nights and a crying baby you might want to try some of the following natural remedies for colic.

One natural remedy that has amazing results with many babies suffering from colic is herbal tea. This might sound strange to you, but herbal tea helps adults feel better and babies as well. Doctors will even approve four ounces or more of herbal tea daily for babies suffering from colic. The different elements in herbal tea helps baby feel better and soothes the symptoms of colic. However, don’t feed your baby too much herbal tea because you want him to still have an appetite for breast milk or formula that has all of those important nutrients. Don’t make the tea too strong either. Remember, you are making the tea for a baby so weak is fine. Teas like chamomile, catnip, ginger, and even peppermint seem to work the best.

Other remedies for colic include herbal remedies you can find at your local drugstore. Humphries and iBaba are both herbal remedies that are natural and have a calming affect on your baby. Most of the time when you give your baby one of these herbal remedies you will notice a calming effect quickly as the medicine works to calm the intestines, relieve gas, and simply make the baby feel better. These remedies are generally small dissolvable pills that can be placed in the baby’s cheek or else dissolved in water and given to baby.

Yet another natural remedy includes massage and chiropractic adjustment. Both of these natural remedies work to relieve colic and help your baby feel better. You can learn some basis massage techniques from baby massage books and on the Internet as well as visit a baby massage therapist. If you believe your baby’s colic is from misalignment you might want to visit the chiropractor.

There are many natural remedies for colic as you can see and you may be surprised at some of them. However, all of these natural remedies work for different babies so if you try one and it doesn’t work you just might need to try another and another until you find the best natural remedy for your baby.

Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for more support and resources for dealing with colic.