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Run Away… Board the Ferry to St. Malo

Located in the Brittany region of northwestern France, St. Malo is an ancient walled port city that was once home to pirates, privateers and corsairs in the 17th and 18th centuries. Since then it has become the most popular tourist destination in Brittany, almost doubling in population during the summer months.

The most pleasant and stress free way to travel is via the Portsmouth to St. Malo ferry. It is less expensive and more convenient than flying and you can bring your own car. The ferries operate throughout the day and night. During the day, the Portsmouth to St. Malo ferry takes approximately nine hours. The overnight St. Malo ferry trip takes a little longer, crossing the English Channel in about eleven hours.

Regardless of the time of day or night you choose to travel to St. Malo, there are many things to do aboard the trip from Portsmouth. Ferries vary widely in size and design, but because of the duration of the St Malo ferry, the larger models are more commonly used. These larger ferries are equipped with a number of comfortable cabins in various sizes and price ranges.

For dining, most ferries offer several choices. There are cafes and self service buffets for casual dining. Most ferries also have a formal restaurant as well. Boredom is not an issue on the Portsmouth to St. Malo ferry because there are cabaret shows, live bands, DJs, slot machines, video game arcades and play areas for children. There are even shops on board for gifts, souvenirs and sundries.

Upon arrival at St. Malo, there are many inns, hotels and guest houses in the area to choose from. It is normally a good idea to find hotels on the outskirts of St. Malo because it is much easier to park your car there. Accommodations away from the bustling port are often less expensive as well. As St. Malo is a port city, with many lovely seafood restaurants which are great places to eat. As you explore St. Malo, you will discover why it is such a popular holiday destination. History enthusiasts can enjoy touring the ancient walled city and learning about the fascinating medieval past. For those who prefer to swim and sun, there are miles of gorgeous golden beaches.

The hassle and exhaustion of traveling home after a busy trip often makes people wish they had a holiday after their holiday. The annoyance of long queues and many irritated passengers can take quite a toll. Fortunately the St. Malo to Portsmouth ferries are comfortable and have an abundance of amenities. The Portsmouth ferry makes it possible to arrive home rested and refreshed.

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