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Running Along the Waves of Aphrodite In The Season Of Love

For thousands of years the marathon has been embraced by hundreds or thousands of individuals in the globe. Professional marathon runners or amateurs alike flock to sprinting occasions to help a charity, for fun or for the sense of fulfillment.

Sporting affairs like such is very appealing to the public from all walks of life whether for competition or otherwise. The beginnings of the marathon was said to be in the nineteenth century although earlier origins are a mystery. Scores of historians deem that the marathon began during a war in 490 B.C. where Athenian and Persian citizens fought in an area close to Athens identified as Marathon. During that battle, the Athenians solicited assistance from, philadelphia a courier who, for almost two days, was able to travel over 150 miles.

This story, though it seems like a castle in the sky has had an influence on marathon’s history and its emergence in the earliest Olympics of 1896. Acknowledged as the marathon, Olympic planners created a forty two kilometer race which was the highlight of the event. In recent times, key cities like New York, London, Chicago, Boston and Berlin that hold their own marathons gave birth to the World Marathon Majors.

The isle of Cyprus which is said to be the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite’s place of birth place lures runners to trail the footsteps of King Richard the Lionheart in the city of Limassol for its 2011 marathon and also half marathon event.

The 42 kilometers flat run dubbed as the Cyprus Marathon – run along the waves will be situated along the relaxing seaside thoroughfare of the lively and sophisticated coastal town which presents a unique blend of the ocean and a combination of ancient wonders and contemporary architecture.

The Cyprus marathon was able to acquire the official authorization of AIMS and IAAF which led to the grand athletic festivity which entices global runners of the marathon to race and delight in the unforgettable feeling that is the Limassol Marathon GSO.

February, the love month, has the ideal weather conditions for the race with a varying temperature of 15 to 17 degrees Centigrade. Fortunately, during this time, it is one of the off-peak seasons of Cyprus which means flight costs and lodging reduced giving rise to a more affordable and pleasurable visit to the Cyprus Marathon.

Good deals are offered for as low as 15 Euro for accommodation and 99 Euro or 20% off for certain airlines’ air fare. Cyprus Marathon aspires all partakers a memorable experience with not only the race but with an ideal orderly standard, the citizens’ joyful hospitality and the splendor of Cyprus’ second city, Limassol.

February in the southern shoreline of Limassol is endowed with a blithe exuberant ambiance is the paramount setting for the Cyprus Marathon – run along the waves.

Olympus event Management organize the 5th official Cyprus Marathon. Limassol Marathon GSO is a major International athletic event which includes a full Marathon, Half marathon and a 10K run, as well as shorter events which appeal to seasoned and novice runners alike. Its organizers invite participants to “Run Along the Waves” in a traffic free, fast, straight and easy route, combined with mild weather and value for money travel packages.