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Sacred Healing Systems

Throughout the history of humans on earth, there have been many sacred healing systems that have brought us healing, peace and comfort. From the earliest herbalists, indigenous medicine people, those who used light, energy and sound, to those who practice physical manipulation techniques, humankind has been blessed with a wealth of knowledge by which we can heal ourselves. And the canon of healing techniques is by no means full, because there is still so much more to learn and discover. The healing star system of healing known as Rising Star healing, is one of the newer techniques that has been channeled for use in healing.

Some people seek out new forms of healing because they have entered a crisis or unhealthy state, while others who are already on their healing path are open to and embracing new ways of being and healing while continually seeking to upgrade their state of being and striving to achieve greater health on all levels. Physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health are all individual components of and also parts of the same whole. No one part can be out of balance without affecting the others. And so in healing, it is necessary to care for and heal all parts of oneself to be truly healthy. One of the benefits of healing systems that address the whole self on an energetic level is that it helps to heal oneself on all levels. Often, people undertake such healing having no idea how interconnected all the issues or symptoms they have been experiencing really are. In these cases, people are surprised at the healing that takes place on different levels, making hindsight may 20/20. Another one of the benefits of this type of healing system is that one need not have psychological insights or understanding in order to heal, one need only be open to allow for the healing to happen.

Being open to and allowing healing might sound to many like an easy proposition, but yet many cling to their dis-ease, or their thought and behavior patterns that have caused their symptoms and/or illness. Sometimes, these are beliefs that developed in childhood and are firmly rooted in a person’s way of thinking and being. It can be very frightening to let go of these beliefs, not because they are the preferred way of thinking, but because somewhere along the line, value was attached to them; they became part of one’s perceived means of survival. The key to ridding oneself of those beliefs that are detrimental to the good health and balance of the individual, is to not stop at simply identifying and disowning those beliefs, but to also adopt a new set of beliefs that are specifically and consciously chosen to replace the less than healthy ones.

Many sacred healing systems did not just include caring for the physical body. Health is not just a physical thing, it is spiritual and mental as well. You do not have to understand all healing systems to benefit from them either, SQ Wellness has information for you to learn how healing star systems can help you be truly healthy as a whole, even if you don’t have a specific illness of disease. We can all benefit from being healthier, mentally, physically and spiritually.