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Safe Tips to Boost your Fertility in 2018

Baby plans in 2018? Are you prepared with your diet plan and some essential lifestyle changes? A women needs to be healthy in terms of body as well as mind, conceiving isn’t that easy until you are able to keep your body fit enough to nourish the child.

Research says if you are trying to conceive, it is very important for women to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be physically fit. Apart from a diet and exercise regime, it’s imperative to boost female fertility.

Go by the following tips to boost and sustain fertility in women :-

1. Meal timings

Feeling hungry is natural, what’s more, important is eating at the right time. Most of us are too busy for diverting the focus on meals, some people have dinner just before bed, some skip breakfast on regular basis, while some have heavy meals every time they eat! Eat good and on time, you need to develop a fixed schedule, have small portions in meals and exercise at least for 20 minutes daily.

2. Sit less, Move more

Ditch your office chair for a while! Screens can increase the body stress level and sitting all day can make you gain excess fat. Cardiovascular exercise especially to tone your legs, back and tummy are helpful in treating infertility as being fit is the most integral part of the entire conception plan.

3. Find physical and mental peace

Find a quiet place for deep breathing. Give your body and mind complete rest. Try performing the deep breathes daily at least for 10 minutes, listen to the soothing sounds like a waterfall, sea movement, and rainforest noises, this can help you in relieving stress and thus increasing your chances of pregnancy.

4. Check on your digestive system

A poor digestive system is not just a stress to the tummy but the mind too! Make sure your gut is happy and functional, there shouldn’t be any fermentation and poor gut function which leads to pelvic cavity and various other infections becoming the barriers to a healthy pregnancy.

5. Reduce screen time

Especially during night limit, the usage of electronic devices as radiation from them harms your fertility big time. Instead of working on laptops to sticking to your phone; invest your time in your partner.

Focus on the little things and stay healthy!

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