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On the inside you’ll see the name Tiger Woods along with the TAG Heuer logo and the phrase “Swiss made since 1860.” The color, bur- gundy, is Woods’ lucky color. It is also good luck for TAG Heuer—the entire production of 8,000 watches has been sold out, 3,000 of these to consumers in the United States.

TAG Heuer’s new 2000 Aquagraph is an automatic chronograph conceived and developed by professional divers. Its Caliber 60 automatic chronograph movement displays the ( chronograph minute hand in the center of the dial and not on a subdial or counter. This allows the diver to instantly read off the minutes. When moving through the different decompression levels, the diver can set the chronograph with the push pieces that are functional to depths of 500 meters.

The 2000 Aquagraph also features an ultra-secure unidirectional turning bezel. To ensure maximum security when diving, TAG Heuer has developed a unique and patented autolock turning bezel system, which prevents the diver turning it accidentally in one direction or the other. Even if the watch is jolted by underwater turbulence, the chronograph’s reference points will not be thrown out. The ( diver enjoys unrestricted freedom of movement. Also for divers, the crown is screw- locked with a safety indicator and there is an automatic helium valve for dives in hyperbaric chambers.

Equipped with a steel bracelet or rubber strap, the 2000 Aquagraph can be delivered with a kit of accessories that includes a rubber extension that allows the diver to wear the chronograph over a diving suit, spare wristband bars, tools for changing the strap or bracelet and a padi diving card. alter Ego For women, the newest Alter Ego models utilize only fully polished steel on its sleek, distinctive bracelet. The backbone of this watch seems to flow seamlessly from bracelet through the case and onto the bracelet again. Three new models place either translucent blue, sunray-finish purple or satin-finish pink dials amid the high-polish. The ( new versions also complement the models with satin-brushed steel bracelet. Higher on the glitter scale is the jewelry watch collection that intends to add luxury to a woman’s daily demands. One model has a diamond-pavéd case with pink mother-of-pearl dial.

What discriminating women will be wearing this season uring the mechanical renaissance of the last two decades, it has undoubtedly been men who have constituted the main—or even only—group of consumers for mechanical watches. But a funny thing has happened in our society in the last twenty years, and even funnier in the last two: Women have become decision makers, independent and strong-minded in their own right. They are ready to spend the ( money they make but also are careful to investigate expensive products to find just the right thing. They are learning, educating themselves in watches as well as other luxury products. And they have become the mechanical watch industry’s biggest unopened market.

Financial markets have gone down the tubes, taking the previously fertile markets for midpriced luxury products with them. A new avenue for astute watch companies has opened: selling luxury directly to women, not to the men in their lives to be passed on as gifts.

These circumstances have led to the 2003 introduction of a number of highly interesting, purpose-built mechanical watches for women. And we are not talking about diminished men’s watches here, which were the products that women interested in mechanical tickers have had to live with until now. This is the year of the feminine mechanical time- keeper, made to fit the ( female wrist in every aspect. These are pretty watches—there is no other term for them—but they are loaded with mechanical technology under the dial. Just the way the demanding woman, intelligent as well as conscious of status and lasting values, likes them.

Patek Philippe and the Ladies
The company to have sown the first seed was, of course, Patek Philippe. Recognizing the coming trend (or perhaps even setting it?), the company brought out its widely publicized and largely copied Twenty-4 line in 1999 to prepare its market for the higher class, mechanical version it introduced this year. In 1999 the Twenty-4 model was only offered in a steel case with a quartz movement (naturally Patek’s own), and it was heavily advertised directly to women. In 2000, the ( company upped the ante, introducing gold and diamond-studded cases to the line.

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