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Say Bye to Fibromyalgia Pain by Using Zyflamend

In today’s era, life has speed up so much that it seems as if it’s some sort of race. This race indeed gives birth to many diseases that are because people do not really care for themselves. They live on fast food and takes so called POWER NAPS.
Now, talking about diseases most common of them are stress. Stress itself is not a disease; it is just a sensation of burden on one’s shoulder. It is a fact of nature which forces an individual from the inside or outside world. Also, stress can be negative, positive or neutral. If a stress is negative it delivers many diseases like insomnia, fibromyalgia etc.

Fibromyalgia is also known as fibromyalgia syndrome and abbreviated as FMS. Fibromyalgia was formerly known as fibrositis. It is the second most common diagnosis predicted by experts. They suggest that it is simply due to somatisation of distress; yet its exact causes are remain a source of controversy. In terms of distress it is a functional/psychological disorder concerned with an early life trauma, abuse or parental loss. However, this prediction is unanswered of how exactly a psychological disorder converts into chronic pains like fibromyalgia.

People suffering from fibromyalgia bare pain, stiffness and tenderness of the muscles, joints and tendons. Major characteristics also include chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, restless sleep, awakening feeling tired, disturbances in bowel function etc. Fibromyalgia most commonly affects muscle tissues causing chronic pain and disability. This pain is not accompanied by inflammatory tissues thus it does not damage other organs of the body unlike diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, and polymyositis.

As mentioned earlier the causes of fibromyalgia are unknown. People affected by this disease experience pain in response to stimuli that are normally not perceived as painful. Scientists have discovered an important nerve chemical signal known as P substance and a nerve reproduction factor in the spinal juice of patients of fibromyalgia. They also said the patients have a low level of brain chemical serotonin and are somehow supersensitive. They always seem to be disturbed and restless. Also, patients with this disease have a spoiled non-rapid eye movement which causes twitchy sleeping phase means feature of waking up fatigued and unhealthy.

But, now do not worry folks and friends because our new herbal product Zyflamend can give you the best cure ever of fibromyalgia. It is a complete herbal supplement which appears to be a natural therapy for pain of arthritis or inflammation, backache, foot pain, syndrome of carpel tunnel, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain and last but not the least fibromyalgia. It composes of rosemary, ginger, turmeric, holy basil, hu zhang, green tea, chinese gold thread, burberry, baikal skullcap and oregano. These might seem pretty simple elements but when combined no doubt they become a magical compound and cures a patient in a minimum time of eight weeks only.

This product is specially formulated to overcome the problems of sleep and inflammation. Patients who take Zyflamend for fibromyalgia pain says that it helps them with insomnia and waking up in the middle of night. Hence, according to the world’s SPIN data of 2009 Zyflamend is one of the best selling products of US. People who made use of it said bye to fibromyalgia pain in just a week’s time.

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