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Schemes And Tactics For Building Website Traffic

When in business, the Internet will become one’s best friend as long as you know how to do it right, of course. Big businesses certainly have the capability to make it even bigger online, but how about small and beginning firms? Of course they do, they can also make it big online. The big company’s probably intimidate them or they just don’t realise their own capabilities. They do not realise all the weapons they have to make their business successful online.

It is the non-conventional ways of SEO marketing using the internet that is being talked about here. These are techniques which complement internet marketing strategies adopted by websites. You can build on the techniques that you have already implemented using these techniques.

Let us look at these off-the-wall SEO techniques that a budding online seller could use:

Domain Buying

SEO tips always mention that a businessman has to build Page Rank in order to rank high in search engine results pages. This can be time consuming for a new business. If it takes an entrepreneur a long time to build up his site’s Page Rank (which is very likely) there’s a possibility that it might fall behind if a business is new to the market. Domain buying simply means buying off an existing high PR website and uses it to redirect traffic to the business website, or to convert it to a main website.

Link Exchange

Link exchange is another common way to SEO your website. This means getting someone with a website that is similar to your niche to link to your website from theirs and you link to theirs from yours. A webmaster may have to spend some money since some high ranking websites would want to sell back links. This is legit and its a great way for these high popularity websites to make money.

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