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Selecting A German School In Switzerland For Young Learners

Depending upon your geographical location and personal preferences, it might meet your criteria to send your child or children to one of the German schools Switzerland plays host to, rather than sending them to learn German in Germany itself. You can rest assured that the quality of their learning experience will be equal to what you would expect from their attendance at one of the German schools Germany itself provides, in the country from which the language originated. This is because Switzerland is predominantly a German speaking country and, although French, Italian and Romansh are also spoken, approximately 64% of the Swiss are native German speakers.

The German course Switzerland’s town of Zug boasts is tailor made for young students of between the ages of 13 – 17. This superior young person’s German school in Switzerland is impressively housed in the well renowned St Michael’s College, just a very short distance from Zug’s lakeshores and town centre. It has top quality teaching environments, plus comfortable and spacious bedrooms that accommodate between three and four youngsters, naturally with 24 hour adult supervision.

Besides participation in a premium German course Switzerland’s Zug establishment also offers your children numerous leisure opportunities. Learning whilst at leisure is just as valuable to their age group as it is to students of other ages attending German schools Switzerland based. You might be entrusting the care of your children to expert professionals for the first time, or they might be used to varying degrees of independence from you. Either way, it is assuring for you to know that the Zug school has plenty of indoor and outdoor socialising for them to get involved with.

Your primary concern will be of an educational nature, and this German school in Switzerland offers standard courses featuring 20 weekly lessons, and intensive courses offering 25 weekly lessons. After morning lessons on either German course Switzerland’s St Michael’s has plenty of facilities for young students to relax, study and get active. Computers with free internet access, a games room, pool, study room, TV and DVD players, and video games are at their disposal. Sportier types may prefer a little outdoor exertion – basketball, football, gym, handball, skating, table tennis, and volleyball facilities are available.

ESL Language Schools is a respected leader in the provision of foreign language schools for young teenagers from around the globe. When considering sending your family members to a German school in Switzerland, St Michael’s in Zug makes a great – and safe – choice, for you and your alike.

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