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Self-pleasuring Hazards -When Self-Pleasuring Is Bad For Male Organ Health

Clearer skin, better concentration, improved partner appeal and enhanced control could all be within a man’s grasp, as soon as he lets go of his male organ. This is the claim of so-called “anti-fap” websites, which argue that frequent bouts of self-pleasuring zap a man’s essence and leave him vulnerable to all sorts of mental and physical problems. Parsing the language and getting at the truth can be tough, especially for men who are desperate for some kind of male organ health solution, but thankfully, the experts have weighed in on the topic, and their advice might help men to make a good decision about their private habits.

Understanding the Claims
Concerns about overindulgence in self-pleasuring aren’t new. In fact, men have long been told that their habits can cause all sorts of serious problems, including blindness and hairy palms. But the link between mental health and self-pleasuring has been, up to this point, uncharted territory. Some of this new concern might be in response to the explosion of adult materials available to the modern man.

In the past, men had to reach a certain age before they could waltz into a store and buy pictures of a woman in varying states of undress. Now, men with access to a computer can find all sorts of viewing materials for free, and there’s so much available that they might never see the same shot twice. For some men, this bounty results in hours spent alone, in private consultation with the private area.

However, it is actually possible that these four common moves may be detrimental to male organ health, especially if they are practiced a little too often:

1. Grasp the member a little too tightly
2. Neglect to apply lubricant
3. Focus on fast movements
4. Move about while engaged in the act

These actions could damage male organ skin, or they could result in intimate injuries that only surgery could fix. Men who habitually behave in this way might very well need to take a break from fapping.

Fapping Fallacies
There’s no evidence that suggests, however, that self-pleasuring is an act that can inherently hurt a man or damage his male organ health. In fact, urologists suggest that frequent release is good for the health of the male organ, as this act just keeps fluid moving through the body.

The act of self-pleasuring can also keep the muscles of the pelvis strong and supple. These are the muscles that have a key role to play in urination, so a man that gets busy might be less likely to lose control of his bladder later in life. If “use it or lose it” applies to the male organ, self-pleasuring could be a man’s secret weapon.

Similarly, experts suggest that frequent firmness are healthy for the tissues that line the male organ. Each time a man reaches hardness, he stretches those tissues to their capacity, ensuring that they retain their flexibility. Self-pleasuring allows that stretching to take place, and it feels pretty darn good, too.

Better Options
Men who want to improve their male organ health might not need to amend their self-pleasuring habits at all, as long as they’re touching their bodies in a way that’s safe and comfortable. As long as they’re not causing pain in the moment, or residual soreness in the days that follow, they can fap to their heart’s delight.

But men with male organ health concerns should consider adding a male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the mix. These products contain vitamins that are essential to the health of the nerves that line the male organ, and they provide moisture that can keep skin both soft and stretchy. Twice-daily application of a product like this can support the cellular health of the male organ, which might be a vital step on the road to wellness.