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Self-stimulation Marathons And The Sore Manhood

No matter how much he may revel in extraordinary partner encounters, every man likes to occasionally (or more than occasionally) spend a little time engaging in solo self-stimulation – often to the point of acquiring a rather sore manhood. Every man’s self-stimulation needs and desires are different, of course; some men go for months between tugging sessions; others are frequent fondlers who indulge several times a day. Most men have at least once or twice engaged in a real self-stimulation marathon, in which they manhandle themselves for an extended period of time lasting several hours. This practice is undeniably entertaining, but it does require careful male organ care to avoid a monumentally sore manhood.

It’s healthy.
Although self-stimulation’s reputation has been enhanced in recent years, as people have become more open about discussing sensual topics, many men still have some negative feelings about self-stimulation. While there are some men who may take self-stimulation to an extreme and develop an addiction to it, this is fairly rare; for the vast majority of men, self-stimulation is a normal, healthy activity which releases tension, relieves stress, improves mood, provides experience in learning about their own bodies, and helps many men gain greater control over emissions during partner play.

That said, men do need to take steps to ensure that they don’t end up with a raw or sore manhood, especially if they are engaging in a lengthy self-stimulation marathon. Among these tips are:

• Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. A “dry” self-stimulation session can cause a tremendous amount of soreness and can literally rub the skin raw. Not only is this painful, but it can make the male organ look off-putting to partners. While the male organ naturally produces a bit of lubricant, a man is well advised to supplement this with a personal lube and to use it from the start. When involved in a particularly lengthy self-stimulation session, it may be necessary to re-apply the lubricant several times.

• Shift gears. If going for a true marathon session lasting an hour or more, a man needs to pace himself. Some men tend to stroke themselves by focusing almost exclusively on the head; if planning on an extended fondle, it’s best to vary this and work on other parts of the male organ, as well. Otherwise, the head may become raw early on.

• Expand exploration. Many men like to pleasure themselves solely by handling their male organs; when going for a long distance turn, it can help to explore other areas: the balls, anywhere else. Sensory zones are sometimes found in places (such as the back of the knees) that many guys wouldn’t think to try. By moving beyond just the member, a guy can help decrease potential soreness of the organ, as well as learn more about his own body.

• Loosen the grip. Because tight feels so good, a man often puts a hammerlock hold on his male organ while stroking – an invitation to soreness over the long haul. Guys should try varying the grip and should also explore rubbing other soft materials (such as scarves or very soft cloths) over and around the male organ.

Even with proper care, a marathon fondler (or even the occasional wanker) can still end up with a sore manhood, so it’s crucial that he regularly use a high quality male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that packs a definite wallop in the moisturizing department in order to effectively soothe the tool. It’s vital that the cream include a combination of a high end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) in order to re-moisturize the raw member. Men should also look for a cream that includes a powerful antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid), as this can help offset the harmful oxidative processes in male organ cells that give the tool that aged, wrinkly look.