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Sensual Tips: What NOT To Say On The First Date

When navigating the world of women, especially women one wants to bed, guys can use a few sensual tips to make the way easier. Nowhere is this truer than on a first date, where the awkwardness and anxiety can cause a dude to say anything just to keep a conversation going. No matter how good-looking he may be or how well his attention to proper male organ care has paid off, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is going to sink a ship long before it really sails. With that in mind, the following topics are best avoided – at least until two people get to know each other better.

Some mention of the events of the day may be called for – and on some days is probably unavoidable. Still, it’s best to tread lightly here. Two new daters can touch on the subject, but unless it’s clear that both parties are on the same side of a subject, it’s best to avoid getting heated up about what some idiot in office did today. Besides, even if two people are in agreement with politics, there’s more interesting stuff to discover about each other on an initial encounter.

A guy who can be wittily self-effacing about things he has done wrong is one thing; a dude who goes into detail about all the things he does wrong is painting himself as a loser. While a man doesn’t want to come across as a self-involved egotist, it’s still best to err on the side of praising oneself rather than denigrating oneself.

His size.
However well-endowed a guy might be, talking about the massiveness of his member on a first date is simply out of place. Besides, it’s more effective if a guy plays it cool and lets partners eventually discover that fact for themselves.

Exes and sensual quirks.
No matter how awesome that ex-girlfriend may have been, there’s no place in the conversation for her. And no matter how fascinating a dude thinks his numerous group sensual experiences have been, bringing it up before he’s even split an appetizer with a woman is creepy. Also, a guy who offers sensual tips he’s picked up along the way is not likely to pick up the lady on the other end of the table who is visibly squirming at his lack of tact.

Those damn idiots at work.
Talking about the workplace is perfectly acceptable, but a guy needs to be careful about how he does it. Too often men like to blow off steam about the stupid things that their boss does or about the co-worker who is dumb as cotton. Doing so in an irate manner will paint a guy as a hothead who thinks he’s superior to all those around him. Instead, a man should first talk about the kind of job he has and why he finds it rewarding or interesting. Later on, he can bring up some of the challenges he has to deal with – but he should do so in a way that doesn’t make him look like a know-it-all.

Why he’s sweating.
Men sweat, and they sweat more when they’re nervous – as they’re likely to be on a first date. Talking about why he’s sweating so heavily is unnecessary – and very unappealing.

All lists of sensual tips, whether for a first date or not, should remind men that keeping their male organ healthy pays off later on. For that reason, regularly applying a top-drawer male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is necessary. Maintaining proper member skin health requires a crème with vitamin E, which protects cell membranes from harmful oxidation and helps prevent moisture from escaping the skin. A crème that also contains acetyl L-carnitine is helpful in preventing and repairing loss of sensation due to aggressive sensual activity which can result in peripheral nerve injury to the manhood. Regular use insures that a male organ will make an excellent impression upon its initial introduction to a new partner.