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Shareing My Travel Experience to Zugspitze

Zugspitze with 2962 meters above the sea level belongs to the Alps and is the highest mountain in Germany. Due to the steep mountain peaks, cloud and mist, no one dare to climb the mountain in a long period. Many people say that pathfinders are not welcomed by Zugspitze, people who want to conquer it never does return. Until 1821, a 27 young lieutenant reached its peak at the first time to explor the border of the Bavarian Kingdom. Up to this time, the mystery of Zugspitze was uncovered. It is a pity if you don’t climb Zugspitze to feel the sense of conquering world when you travel to Germany.

Befeore climbing Zugspitze, you should firstly go to a small town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is so difficult to be remembered. This nameless town had hosted the Winter Olympics in 1936 and now the logo of five interlocked rings could be found at here.

The trains at this small town are very old and there are bright wooden chairs in the railway carriage. On the way to Alps, it is so slowly. Along the road, you can see meadow, cabin, church, cemetery, all of which are typical scenery in German town. When trains pass through the tunnel for about ten minutes, it is so cold and dark that many children shouted excitedly. Suddenly, everything changes and so bright. What you would see is a snow world and a huge monster which likes the transformers very much.

At the snow mountain, you can really see many people wearing clothes which are only dressed in summer. Snow is very soft and you can experience the feeling of eating ice cream. You wouldn’t feel cold even wearing half sleeve clothes. What’s more, you would feel hot if the sun flees from cloud. Standing at the peak of Zugspitze, you can see four countries that are Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Without doubt, Zugspitze is the best place for alpine skiing. However, if you are not skillful skiing men, not to try at here, here is the highest peak in Germany.

When I was fascinated with the silver world ane even forgot what should I do the next. What a pity, the weather was getting worse and I have to finish this journey.

I talk to myself that this is your first time in the Alps, you are not allowed to see all beautiful landscapes at here, look at the rain and fog at Zugspitze may be a good choice. As for other grand landscapes, just travel them in the next time.

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