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Should You Buy Silver Today?

The end of June marks the end of QE2. So what does that mean for the US economy? Is the dollar going up or down? Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, they are all making quite a splash in the headlines today. Of course there are so many conflicts and wars going on, it is difficult at best to keep track of them all. So how do you protect yourself? Should I buy Silver now?

Let’s go back to the year 2000. The price of silver was around $5 per ounce. In fact silver stayed at the $5 level for years. Never the less, Wall Street and the media kept talking up the stock market. Stocks seemed to be the right investment to be in! Remember when the Dow back then was a big deal at 10,000? Today the Dow is around 12,000. So in 11 years or so the stock market went up to give you about a 2000 point gain. That gain is about a 17% return over that time. Silver on the other hand has risen from $5 per ounce to around $35 per ounce today or about a 560% return over that time.

Even with the huge gain that silver realized, it still has been buried and forgotten. Wall Street continues to talk up stocks and bonds. Recently silver rose even higher than $35 per ounce; it closed at over $48 in April. That recent sell off of silver from the high of $48 to today’s level at $35 represents a similar opportunity as when silver was $5.

Silver experts such as Ted Butler are calling for $200 per ounce. Some experts are stating their case for silver to rise as high as $400 per ounce. While we don’t know exactly how high silver may go, we do know one thing for sure. Silver is getting very scarce. With all of the industrial uses for silver it is being consumed faster than mined, thus a major silver shortage is coming. In a prosperous world economy, silver is used for antibacterial in water treatments, food, medical, electronics, solar energy, and more.

Besides silver’s industrial uses, silver dollars are money. There is so much geopolitical chaos in the world as well as financial instability, silver provides a critical hedge of protection. Silver, and its cousin gold, today represents your best option to store your hard earned money from being eaten away from the coming inflation-hyperinflation scenario. Recently, on the front page of USA Today there was an article stating the US debt was about $536,000 per US household. The unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Welfare are not included. This debt cannot be paid back!

Today, while the news has placed silver in the back seat behind the stock market, you have the investment opportunity of a life time. Could silver go down a bit in the short term? Sure it can. The question for all of us is, are you a day trader or an investor? As an investor you know the world’s problems are not going to be solved any time soon. So should you buy silver now? Back the truck up and buy as much as you can before the rest of the world wakes up to the world’s best kept secret. Don’t wait until silver is being talked about in the news. If silver is back in the news then you missed the boat.

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