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SIDS Caused by Mold? New Study Suggest That Mold Is One Of The Causes

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has been a worry on every new parents mind for a long time and its cause has been a mystery for just as long.

Scientists all over the world claim that SIDS can happen to any infant, anywhere, any time, and there is absolutely nothing the parents can do to stop it. Most parents simply resign themselves to this and say that there is nothing that they can do to stop SIDS from occurring, but the fact is that a new study out of New Zealand claims to know the cause of it.

The answer lies within the crib the child sleeps in! The chemicals of arsenic, phosphorus, and antimony were first manufactured into crib mattresses back in the mid 1900’s and these chemicals are required by law to be in mattresses as a fire retardant.

But, it is not just the mattress alone that causes the crib death, the study says. It is only when mold finds its way into the mattress that you begin to have a problem.

When Scopulariopsis brevicaulis gets into one of these mattresses that has these chemicals in it, it begins to feed on them and releases them back into the air as toxic fumes or nerve gases. It is activated by heat and so when the baby sleeps on it (or especially when it has a fever), the mold begins to grow more quickly and lets the gases out into the air.

While the gas disperses almost immediately, it is still dangerous for infants to sleep on the mattresses because they are breathing too close to the surface of it. They are breathing these gases while they are still potent and this is what causes crib death.

So, what can you do? Do not use anything in the crib that contains these chemicals and wrap the mattress in plastic to keep these dangerous gases from escaping. It’s best to do this when the mattress is brand new so you know there isn’t any mold in it and if you have an old mattress that was given to you by friends or relatives to use, throw it away. There are special baby mattress wraps that you can use to wrap up your baby’s mattress, but are only available from New Zealand.

Also, use only materials such as 100% Egyptian cotton blankets for your baby to sleep on. Do not use sheepskin, polyester, anything that is quilted, padded, or filled, pillows or cushions. 100% cotton is the best thing to use.

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