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Simple Natural Memory Weakness Management

Working memory is a place where ideas, facts and procedures is temporarily while the student uses and manipulates the information for a project, task or solve a problem. Working memory is longer than the short-term memory and can be seen as a place with limited space, in short-term memory and long-term memory are located.

Children use working memory when needed to ensure that the information for an activity long enough to complete the activity. The ability to retain new information, while doing a learning task that is expected of children in times of school several times a day.

A fault in the working memory can affect the performance of a child’s motivation to perform and, ultimately, his / her self esteem. However, understanding some strengths of your child’s learning and weaknesses, and strategies that s / he can use to work around this area challenge can help reduce frustration, confusion and anxiety and can increase performance and self-efficacy.


Lack of memory can occur for many different reasons. Some memory problems are serious, some not. Lack of concentration is the most common reason for poor memory of children. The lack of a balanced and healthy diet is also responsible for the weakness of memory.

Some of the reasons may be depression, anxiety, substance abuse, brain tumors, the use of certain medications, or seizures. Other things that can contribute to this as well, such as fatigue, mood swings and physical disability.

Loss of memory seems to be a rare side effect that occurs in less than 2% of the population, but can occur. If the medication is stopped to think of memory loss can be stopped. This loss of memory can also be due to our aging process in which we all forget at one time or another. If you’re seeing weakness, you should contact your provider of health care and let them know. They want to know that this symptom is felt.


As you are a unique individual, each tumor in the brain is unique. In this article, we hope to help understand some of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor. Think of the brain as a computer center for your body, every part of the brain that controls a different function of your body. Symptoms depend on where in the brain the tumor. But keep in mind – the symptoms caused by a brain tumor often mimic symptoms of other diseases.
Weakness usually occurs due to loss of physical strength or muscle, which can be caused by physical activity, much like a long journey. Weakness gives the impression that engaging in activities requiring physical movement, including normal, extra effort is required. Usually after resting for a short break from the weakness disappears.


Researchers from Hammersmith Hospital in London and Lister General Hospital found that cow’s milk produced in the days following the delivery of cow contribute to the treatment of many diseases, normal gastric, scientists said that bovine colostrums is very present in the cow’s milk can treat many illnesses and diseases of the stomach, also added that the milk can save the lives of thousands of patients each year. Currently, many studies are underway to determine whether colostrums can help patients with acute intestinal ulcer, which is an acute inflammation in the intestine.

Primary tests had revealed that one of the proteins of colostrums can cure gastric and intestinal diseases. Play Professor Ray Ford, the master of the digestive system in Hammersmith Hospital in London, said that the milk had shown its benefits in healing side effects of no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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