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Six Taboos on Dating

When date for the first time, silence is the junk. It is not difficult to find topic between strangers. What is hard is to keep talking. If you are keep silent or just respond other person with some lukewarm response such as, huh, ah. And if you do not take the initiative to create topics, this will definitely make other person quit. Dating is a communication between two persons. You should know this.

The second taboo is your dressing and temperament is not in tune with other people. At first dating, if one side feels the other’s dressing is a bad grade, he is not willing to walk with the other. This is an allusion that there won’t be another chance for them to meet with each other. If you don’t have any confidence in your dressing, you can look some fashion magazines to learn some guidance on dressing. It is important to leave other person a good impression on the first meeting.

When first meet, you hand over all the things to other, they will feel bored and tired unless the other is a big man or big woman. But even if the other person has a strong wills to controlling, he also want to meet with your needs, he would want to know, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? If you just follow his arrangement and do not express your own idea, he will think you have no interests with him. Repeat again, dating is one person’s business.

Actually in the initial stage of love, the attitude on paying off is a very important point. If the person is a great woman and has enough economic strength, then you should avoid the system AA. If the person has the westernized concepts, and he calls for equality and independence, then AA will be a good choice. If the person is elder than you, and has a strong economic strength than you, then you won’t pretend rushing to pay. Just a sincere gratitude is ok.

Talking about your love experience almost is a compulsory for the dating. But loose lips sink ships; it will easily end up your relationship. If your experience is rich, the other may think you are a playboy or you don’t behavior properly. If you have a poor experience, the other will think there is something wrong in you.

When first meet you should avoid physical contact, although you are in love at first sight. On one hand, the other will feel the process goes too fast. On the other hand, you will lose your passion sooner or later. At least you should have a better understanding with each other.

Summary: Dating is a common thing in our daily life, and then do you know some taboos when date? This article will show you the answer.

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