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Six Tips on Running

Running is one of the most basic human functions, but also is a very comprehensive training methods, which can not only help to improve our heart and lung function, but also have a good training effect on our muscles and bones. The benefits of running could be written a book,
I believe each person has a personal feeling and experience about running. Running is also an easy to do but quite intense movement, so beginners should be cautious.
Set a specific goal
Maybe you can enroll in a 5 km race. This will be your power, so you can stick on a regular basis running and persist to it. As we all know, it takes some time to learn how to run. If you’re not positive enough and have an idle attitude towards running, and rest at the outset of running, it is better to find place with a workout partner, and mutual supervision.
Listening the voice of body when running
Exercise can be divided into two phases: a strategy for training can sharpen the body, and the rest to get restored. Some people run too much and too fast, so their exercises ended with injury; if you feel the signal of pain or fatigue, in time to stop for a few days and adjust your training program, this would not happen.
Follow the law of three weeks
Exercise needs patience, to cultivate a new habit needs 21 days. As long as running every day, and it will become a habit, through the exercise and create a vibrant body. Three weeks before the beginning of running is a time during which, you face the biggest challenge, then, you should place it in priority in life. After three to four weeks, you would have a different experience.
Control your pace
To learn to control the speed in the running, you would be able to experience and grope running at different speed would make difference. Running a few minutes before release speed, then use some methods to control the running speed, which will make you less effective.
Record running log
Write down your running time, mileage and even mood. When there is no power, think the joy and the relaxed mood you have had when finish after each journey before. When have hesitation, you just run forward. In most cases, once you start running 10 minutes, and naturally you will be eager to complete the entire line and get great satisfaction.
Find fun in running
The more fun running contains, the easier you can adhere to.
Summary: Running is one of the most basic human functions, it is free to do, but some it may be little difficult to persist. Then these six tips will help you to solve this problem.

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