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Skin Care Tips For Winter

Winter is dry and this affects your skin which makes it very dry, rough and flaky. Whatever happens inside your body would surely reflect what is happening to your skin. So have a proper diet and drink lots of water. It helps in transporting the nutrients to your skin cells. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks which cause dehydration and instead have vegetables rich in water like leafy vegetables.

Winter can make you and the body very lethargic. You can change all that if you give more attention to the food you eat such as warm and cooked meals, warm water, juices, light tea and some exercise can all be very helpful in taking care of your skin. Cleanse your face daily with your favorite cleanser every night which making your skin more supple and beautiful.

There are healthy fats which can be very beneficial for skin too, such as olive oil as well as clarified butter. For good nourishment blanched, soaked almonds are very good. The best thing about winter you feel is the hot water bath, but too much of that would make your dryer skin more dry. So limit the hot water baths to sustain the nutrition of your body.

Soap and shower gel are very high on chemicals, so start using something milder which enhances your skin and saves all the nutrients of your body. You can make for yourself a mixture of chickpea flour and milk to clean your face and body. This is highly recommended, as this would help to make your skin smoother and the oil in your body preserved due to the milk.

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