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Slowing Male Organ Aging – Tips For Smoothing Away The Signs

Mark Twain once wrote, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” That’s a fine quote that could soothe the ego when the mirror shows a face care-worn with wrinkles, but it might not help to boost the mood when a man’s nether region is strewn with fine lines, discolorations, swollen blood vessels and other signs of male organ aging. While keeping Father Time away from the male organ altogether might be impossible, there are some male organ care tricks and tips men can use to keep time’s touch as light as a feather. In fact, with proper care, a man’s prize organ might be the most youthful part of his entire body.

Defying Gravity
The same force that allows human beings to remain on the planet instead of spinning out into space can exert extreme pressure on the body’s appendages. While going commando or wearing skimpy underwear can provide an intriguing boost to the average day, this behavior also provides gravity with a lot more material and influence, and tissues stretched with time rarely regain their former glory. In fact, gravity can cause a male organ to droop and bend, swinging painfully from side to side with each step.

Supportive underwear worn each day can help to keep the male organ where it belongs. Briefs, rather than boxers, can exert just enough gentle pressure to help tissues stay taut.

Maintaining Form and Function
Certain tricky maneuvers can feel wonderful in the moment, but they can lead to subtle scarring and diminished sensitivity as the years go by. Common culprits include:

• Rough coupling
• Dry coupling
• Fast, furtive self-pleasure
• Dry self-stimulation

Men with a mild bit of damage may find that they need to exert even more pressure and even more torque in order to achieve release, and they could develop dry, flaking, unresponsive skin, or even a male organ that tends to bend during tumescence. While severe cases of manhood bending often require surgical corrections, use of a male organ vitamin cream may help to prevent minor scarring and bending from occurring in the first place.

Disappearing Act
An expanding waistline is commonly part of middle age, and that roll of fat can obscure the male organ, making it look smaller than it actually is. Lopping off a spare tire can be difficult, as pounds added in middle age don’t tend to melt away quickly, but men who pay attention to their physique could uncover hidden inches and restore a bit of youthful vigor. Men who drop a few pounds may also have a bit of added energy to spend on extracurricular activities as well.

Beauty on the Surface
Mild discoloration and dryness is common in aging skin, and manhood tissue can obtain a telltale purplish, mottled, wrinkled appearance if not cared for properly. While a male organ like this might certainly function well and it might be capable of bringing a man intense pleasure, it’s not an organ a man might be willing to show off, and it’s not something a partner might be pleased to interact with on a regular basis.

Once again, a high-quality male organ creme could make all the difference. The ideal male organ health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains emollients that can soften and smooth skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A creme containing antioxidants can reduce the impact of free radical cells associated with cell death and aging. With daily use, a man could see his skin soften and brighten, and the vitamin boost could remove years from tired skin.