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Smart Uses of Solar Lighting

Outdoor residential lighting can serve many purposes. Practical purposes include allowing persons entering your residence after dark to see where they are going. Residential lighting also helps to prevent burglaries. Aesthetically, outdoor residential lighting placed strategically in your garden can bring out the beauty of your garden and your house. Residential lighting also serves to lengthen the time you spend outdoors entertaining or playing by illuminating your outdoor gatherings.

Getting Set up

• Hire a professional to install the wiring to avoid hazards associated with faulty wiring.
• Install the lights where they will have the maximum effect. Like along the pathways to light walk routes. A lightened water feature can be very attractive.
• Do not over do the residential lighting or it will likely have the opposite effect.
• In residential lighting, the lights should not be the focus of the décor but the features that are being lightened.
• Hide the lighting system behind plants or garden features.
• Use soft lights bright lights can be disturbing.
• Residential lighting should be resistant to the elements

Types of Lights

Solar lights: A Solar light is the easiest and safest residential lighting to install and use. There are a variety of styles and designs of solar lights. A solar light can be used whereever regular residential lights are used. A solar light is safer than an electrically wired light as solar lights do not have wiring. They use a photocell, which charges a battery during the day. The battery in turn works the light at night. Solar lights work well where the power supply is inaccessible. A solar light does however require unobstructed sunlight to charge their batteries. Once charged the batteries can keep the lights lit for up to 15 hours.

Patio or Deck Lights: Candles can be used as patio lights, especially citronella candles that keep bugs at bay. Safely installed Tiki torches can also be used to provide lighting on your patio. If you use electrical lights choose their location carefully. Lights at the wrong level can shine into your guests faces. You can recess the lights, have lights on posts or install accent lights. Choose a style that is functional for your style and function.

Tier, Path and Accent Lights: This kind of lighting allows your garden to look beautiful and enchanting all year round. These residential lighting fixtures are normally low-voltage lights which are easily installed, affordable, and double the amount of lighting, which could potentially make the outdoor feel safer.

There are kits available that allow you to install your own residential lighting fixtures, but if you have any doubt call a professional. Poorly installed lights lead to disappointing results and can present a potential hazard.

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