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Snowboarding Gear – What Do I Need?

The right snowboarding gear is essential to having a great day on the slopes. Below are a few pointers for picking what’s right for you:

Head Gear

* Choose a helmet that fits your head snugly. Some helmets have more insulation than others, so make sure if there is little insulation you can fit a thin cap underneath for warmth.
* Make sure the helmet is comfortable and you can easily move your head when wearing the helmet.

Warm Clothing

* The best way to stay warm and dry is to dress in layers. Cotton or natural fabrics against the skin allow for moisture to be kept away from the skin providing warmth. A nylon or other water resistant outer layer will prevent outside moisture for getting in against the skin. Clothing should be loose to allow movement.

Protective Wear

* Snowboarding gear would not be complete without some extra padding for those sure to happen falls. Elbow pad and kneepads can help reduce the shock of impact to the joints. Padded lightweight pants are available to help protect the tailbone and hips from backward falls.


* Bindings may step-in or strapped. Beginner snowboarders generally favour the step-in bindings, as they are easier to manage. They may not be practical for more advanced users as they tend to allow the foot to be released to easily.
* Strapped bindings may have two or three straps to hold the foot to the board. They tighten using a ratchet method to hold the foot snug.


* Boots, like all snowboard gear, need to fit correctly. Make sure you try on several styles to find the one that is most comfortable. Your heels should fit tightly in the boot but there should be no rubbing or discomfort when the boots are laced up. Walk around and bend in the boots to test their fit before choosing a pair.


* The board should be the correct length and width based on your body size. It should come to the bottom of your chin and be wide enough to fit your feet.

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