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Snowboarding – Selecting The Right Snowboard

There are several aspects to consider when selecting your snowboard. Beginners have fewer options than more advanced snowboarders. Novices should start snowboarding using a shorter rather than longer board. This will provide easier control until they become more experienced and competent. Determining what style of snowboarding you enjoy will also make a difference when selecting your snowboard.


The snowboard should come to between your chest and your nose when stood up on its end. The newer the boarder, the shorter the board should be. For tricks like spins a grabs selecting a snowboard that is shorter will be more beneficial than a longer board. Adult boards are usually 130 to 160 cm and children’s boards are typically 110 to 140 cm. More advanced boarders can opt for longer boards that increase speed and stability on rougher terrain.

Generally, the more you weight the longer the board should be. This aspect should be kept in mind when selecting your snowboard. People weighing 100 pounds should stay with the shorter boards, and those weighing over 200 lbs should select a longer board.


It is crucial to make sure that your toes or heels do not hang over the edges of the snowboard. If they do they will increase drag and make controlling the board very difficult. If your feet are larger than a size 11 or over you will have to go with a wider board. These are available at most retailers or can be special ordered.


The core of the snowboard can be made of several different materials ranging from wood to composite materials. There may be a difference in price based on the composition of the core. Wood is generally considered the best core for beginning snowboarders as it is more durable.

It is advisable to get some reviews on different boards before deciding which one to buy. Asking friends and other snowboarders their opinions before buying is a good option. Contact local retailers and ask questions. Some ski and snowboard areas rent equipment by the day. Renting a variety of boards is one way of trying them out prior to selecting the right one for you.

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