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Solar Energy Rebates

Solar energy rebates mean that there is just one more reason to change to solar energy. These will help you to get money back form your tax on other matters and this in turn means that you save yet more money as a result of having solar energy. Here we will look at why they exist and why they are a good idea.

Why Solar Energy Rebates?

The first reason that you get solar energy rebates is that you are not using as much of what is set up by the council. There are power lines and more going to your home and these all take time and money to install and then to maintain. When you use solar energy then you aren’t using these and then it doesn’t make sense for you to pay for them. Thus it makes sense for you to get some of your overall tax back to make up for the fact that you aren’t using all of the facilities available.

This is just one very small argument for why solar energy rebates are a good idea however and there are many other reasons that it is a good idea to get solar energy rebates. Essentially if you have solar energy in your home then this means that you will be reducing your carbon footprint and doing less damage to the environment – the rebates then exist as a form of incentive to ensure that you carry on doing this.

Why do governments want you to use solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint? Well because put simply, this helps to save the planet by reducing global warming. You see when you use energy from your plug socket you are using energy that comes from a power station. Now in the majority of regions those power stations make energy by burning fossil fuels which include things like coal and oil. These fossil fuels are made up of compressed carbon matter over hundreds of years (which in turn is made up of deceased creatures and plants) and that means that when they are burned, the carbon is released once more into the environment as a by-product.

That carbon then increases the amount of overall carbon in the environment and this makes our air and our atmosphere thicker. It has gotten so thick in fact that it now begins to trap heat and where as once it would ‘float off’ of the planet and cool down, it now takes longer and more remains trapped. The heat that is coming in from the sun is increasing faster than it is leaving and that means that the planet is gradually getting hotter and hotter and eventually it will get hot to the point where life can no longer survive. Already the heat increase is enough to kill off many species of animals and even to begin destroying the coral reefs. The ice caps are melting and there are more natural disasters than ever before.

Thus the rebates exist as one more bonus for those using solar energy – to say thank you and to encourage more people to do the same.

Many governments including Australia offer rebates for people who convert to solar energy. This is a way to encourage individuals to install solar panels on their roof.