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Some Actions to Release Emotional Stress

Make you relaxed.
Body is like a house, the spirit should fill every room. Relax of static state and trends and introspection can help us do this. Here are a few fits about the training methods, they are not like medications has taboo

Let your body quite.
Standing, close your eyes and force the air to the lungs exhale. Then inhale, slowly let the stomach, throat and shoulders muster. Hold your breath and relaxed beating as puppets. If you cannot hold your breath any longer, you can breathe deeply. Do 3 times, opened your eyes after the resumption of normal breathing. This is ideal training methods to awaken the body gently.

Stimulate the brain’s sensitivity.

Lying on the ground, placing your hands on the abdomen, finger-phase, long slowly inhales through the nose, until count number 5. Then summon the lung and abdomen, separate fingers. Exclusion of domestic gas for 5 minutes, then start breath, until count to 10, call completion. This ancient relaxation should do 10 times, which can slow down the contraction of the heart, let energy cycle of more freedom. This can also provide oxygen to the brain. After quiet, you will have clear head and thought.

Do not walk like a robot or a model. You’d better to find a way can reflect your own personality. Stretch your body in room; we must first feel the slight movement when walking. As long as you excise many time, the whole body will find the feeling what you want.

You must walk tall and proud.
Put a small bag of rice in the head or other piece of something, move forward. You can support by hand. Spend time on feeling the body the vertical axis. At this time, you will have the beautiful manners.

Open yourself.
Song shoulder several times to feel the changes. Shoulder will find the most comfortable posture. They often endure our tension. When walking, you could think about relax shoulders, eliminate the gloomy facial expression, and also help the natural arm swing.

Assert yourself with eyes.

Standing, while close your eyes. Quietly open your eyes and look toward the direction. Then close your eyes, and feel the foot stepping on the ground, so that idea is full body, slowly opened your eyes again. After relaxing, eyes or looked down to the point of view. When the eyes match with feet, we will feel natural chic and lively.

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