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Some Information of Patek Philippe need to know before Buying a Patek Philippe Replica Watch

But in 1844 Patek met the young Italian inventor of the keyless winding mechanism; Adrien Philippe and they decided to start a new partnership leaving aside Franciszek Czapek. That was not an simple issue. Replacing Franciszek Czapek could mean loosing the current clientele and being in risk of bankruptcy. However, they made the decision. In 1845 Philippe became the head watchmaker and together with Vincent Gostkowski, Philippe and Patek signed an agreement. One of the clauses of the agreement said that Patek was in charge of the general direction of the firm and for its promotion, Gostkowski of the accounting and correspondence, and Philippe responsible for the watchmaking.

Patek was the only person entitled to make executive company decisions despite of the fact that Gostkowski and Philippe each received one third of the company’s profits. In the coursework of these years the company bought unfinished movements from several companies, including Louis Audemars, Vacheron & Constantin, Breguet, Doloche, Dupan et Haim, Piguet et Fils, Le Coultre, among others for Patek & Cie, but they did not produce its own movements. Patek, being afraid Czapek would generate a rival company, took his cautions in replacing Czapek in the partnership. But it was not because Czapek not only established a new company but also they made Patek`s clientele leave him.

Soon Czapek`s company became a serious competition as well as Patek`s new partnership with Philippe began to succeed. Philippe introduced in 1850 the first ebauches distinct movements thanks to the machinery Philippe acquired for the company. The first ones were stamped with “PP” on the dial plate. After that, an important event would alter Patek`s fortune. Queen Victoria was going to buy to Patek & Co. a small lady’s watch, about 30 mm. in diameter, which needed no key for win-ding or setting. This dated from 1857 when Queen Victoria attended the Universal Exhibition in London. And also did Prince Albert. With this immediately, Patek`s company gained status. Later, the company`s name changes to Patek Philippe & Cie. One after the other, Patek`s financial issues began to disappear and they introduced his products on several markets such as Russia and also they supplied Rodanet of Paris, in Madrid, Elimayer in Leipzig.

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