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Some Issues Of Concern Related To Teeth Whitening

There are some basic issues which should be discussed before someone goes for teeth whitening. One major point you should keep in mind is that teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. Results can last for one or more years, depending upon your personal life style.

In many cases, the whitening is very satisfactory and the patient is pleased with the outcome. Once initially whitened, it becomes easy afterwards to touch up the teeth with whitening treatments as and when they are required. Generally, this touch up whitening is done in a shorter time frame than the initial whitening treatment.

Another important aspect of teeth preservation is abstinence from staining. Any tooth can be affected with staining, including the bonds and veneers. Avoid smoking and taking red wine, tea, coffee or heavily colored foods to prevent coming back of stains Brush the teeth at least twice a day with whitening toothpaste recommended by the dentist.

One of the most important issues is the cost of teeth whitening. Usually the fee for tray teeth whitening is about $500 or more in most cases. Depending on your dentist, this may or may not involve clinic visits. This is one of the cheapest whitening procedures.

Costs can vary depending upon the area you live in and the type of teeth whitening procedure you undergo.
Generally, the cost of teeth whitening treatment increases with the number of dentist’s clinic visit required by the patient. Dental insurance usually does not cover the cost of the whitening treatment.

Addiction and overuse of whiteners is another concern while discussing about teeth whitening. There are some people who have typical narcissistic compulsion to uphold their youth by overuse of teeth whiteners, both over-the-counter and professional products.

Incidences of whitening abuse include, people who want to get their teeth to an ultimate white color until their teeth becomes transparent. Yet they do not realize that their teeth are already white. This may damage the surface of the teeth and will cause sensitivity problem.

There is a caution against whitening for people under the age of eighteen years, as there is greater chance of hypersensitivity. Dentists require cooperating with patients to set practical and realistic expectations and avoid overdose of whiteners.

There are few types of teeth whitening treatments available to correct teeth discoloration by removing stains on the teeth. Each procedure has some advantages and disadvantages. The results vary with individuals and depend on some factors like condition and formation of the teeth, nature of the discoloration, the product concentration, time duration, bleaching procedure etc.

However, consult your dentist before undergoing whitening treatment or if you get any problem during treatment.

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