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Some Methods To A Natural Remedy In Dealing With Young Children With Adhd

Children with ADHD run the risk of suffering, from the long-term side effects, that the medications prescribed by their physician, have on the developing brain. Also, at risk are heart related problems, psychiatric disturbances, and or have the increased potential for abuse.

Most of the well known drugs in the treatment of ADHD include antidepressants, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Aderall, mood stabilizers, as well as, a variety of other medications. While there are some prescription medications with the lesser of the extreme side effects, there has been proven to be some very successful natural treatments, as well. Some of which are listed below.

1. Diet: The diet plays a key role in the life of a child. Some foods are actually contributors to enhancing the symptoms of ADHD. Foods that are processed, containing large amounts of sugars and additives as well as preservatives have been proven to actually aggravate the symptoms. An alternative would be a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and lower fat dairy. Soy is also a good choice, if dairy bothers the digestion system. Healthy oils, as in canola, sunflower and olive oil are ideal to cook with.

2. Vitamin Supplements: Since it is difficult to gain all of our vitamin and minerals from our diet on a daily basis, supplements are a beneficial way to make sure that our bodies have what they need. Iron, magnesium and omega-3’s, are essential in the diet of a child with ADHD, it has even been proven that children with ADHD, have a deficiency, which is all the more reason to include them as supplements.

3. Exercise: Exercise is an important aspect in everyone’s life, but especially in the life of children with ADHD. Since children with ADHD have an increase in hyperactivity, restlessness and impulsive behaviors, exercise is a wonderful way to engage the child in activities to release stress, allowing them to focus better. When one exercises, the chemicals released, dopamine and epinephrine allowing the body to react much like one who has just taken the usually prescribed drugs.

4. Herbs: There are a great many natural herbs that work well for the ADHD child. Consulting a good homeopathic specialist is a great way to enlist their help, as to what herbal remedies work best.

5. Natural Medications: Upon visiting a homeopathic professional, within their practice they have developed many medications that work very well for the ADHD symptoms. Their solutions have become much more popular, due to the side effects conventional drugs have. Parents, these days, are looking for a more natural approach, in the care of their child. The natural treatments for ADHD have been found to be as effective as their prescription alternatives. And being that they are “natural”, they have the added benefit of improving the brain functions, as well as, the overall health of the body.

As a reminder to all parents, when starting a new approach to the care and treatment of your child, it is most important that you research all options available, and talk to many professional doctors as well as naturalists. It is your child’s health and well being that is the focus, not the illness, and there are more natural solutions to help in managing this disease.

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