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Some Options to Quit Smoking Now

If you’ve decided to quit smoking now, then congratulations. You’ve taken a huge step on the road to getting healthier and living longer. Undoubtedly, you know that quitting smoking isn’t going to be easy, so you’ll want to consider all the options for stop smoking programs and treatments available. The good news is: there are a lot! Cold turkey isn’t the best way to stop smoking anymore.

The nicotine patch is one popular way to stop smoking. When you want to quit smoking now, it isn’t just about the physical need. Breaking the mental need to have a cigarette in your hand or hand is crucial too. This mental addiction can be made easier by using a nicotine patch, which gives your body just enough nicotine to stave off cravings and allows you to break the pattern of smoking.

One of the most popular methods of quitting smoking is hypnotherapy. If you want to quit smoking now, hypnosis can be an ideal way to avoid nicotine withdrawals and cigarette cravings. Since this stop smoking program involves little more than relaxing and being open to suggestive thoughts, you can stop smoking now and rid your body of cigarettes’ harmful effects.

Anti-depressant drugs can help those who want to quit smoking now. Zyban, one particular medication, reduces the pleasure an individual obtains from smoking. Anti-depressants are prescribed by a doctor and your progress on the medication will be monitored closely.

Laser therapy and treatment is another way to end your smoking. It sounds easy and non-invasive. The general perception is that after one treatment, you’ll quit smoking now and never look back. However, laser treatments haven’t been proven to help people stop smoking long-term yet. While some people may have success, many others don’t.

A stop smoking support treatment is an excellent way to quit. Smoking is a habit and the addiction is like any other addiction. Twelve step programs and support groups for smokers have been successful in helping many people find the willpower to quit smoking.

Having support for your tough times is a good idea regardless. So even if you don’t opt for a stop smoking support program, try to find people who encourage your progress as a non-smoker. Tell everyone you know about your plans to become an ex-smoker. You may find that the helping hands are exactly what you need to get through the process.

In fact, most stop smoking treatment programs are effective when there is support and counseling available to the smoker. The highest success rates are from ex-smokers that developed a network of people to talk to and utilized multiple resources.

Your doctor is the best person to start talking with, if you want to end your smoking now. A doctor can give you information about all the other stop smoking programs available.

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