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Spanish Classes in Melbourne – Spanish Blackboard Academy

Located in the heart of Melbourne, our newly renovated office of spanish classes Melbourne is at 333 Flinders Ln, Melbourne. Most people in Melbourne have busy lives either working or studying so this option is very convenient for people working in the CBD as well as students from universities near the city. Apart from our small group classes in the afternoons, we also offer private Spanish lessons at your preferred time and location as well as online teaching.

Even though Spanish Blackboard Academy is a young company, we understand what Spanish students in Melbourne were looking for and we offer our students what they need. At Spanish Blackboard Academy we have a unique and engaging approach to teaching Spanish which gives students the opportunity to learn a new language while having fun.

Apart from our experience and engaging teaching techniques, Spanish Blackboard Academy has a very strong social presence. Our students will be part of our special Spanish family in Melbourne where everyone will be able to come along to our meetups, activities and social media community. This way, the students will be up to date with all of our news and posts.

On top of that, unlike other Spanish schools in Melbourne, all our teachers have completed a master’s degree at university to teach Spanish as a second language. As a result of that, we use the most recent material and teaching techniques to ensure that our students get the most out of every class. We are proud to say that we have some of the best native Spanish tutors in Australia.

We strongly believe that all these factors and our hard work with over 1,000 students in Australia have led us to become the Best Rated Spanish Academy in Melbourne. You can find all our reviews clicking HERE.