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Spending a Gap Year Playing Tennis – The Right Choice For You?

A gap year may be one of the most exhilarating times in a young persons life, but how you choose to spend your year of freedom may make a big difference to the fun you’ll have, plus the skills you’ll retain into the future.

The choices for filling a gap year are endless and cover anything from teaching English as a second language to helping abandoned or ill treated animals. However, spending a gap year participating in sport is quickly becoming one of the most popular gap year choices. This sort of gap year activity offers the unique opportunity to enhance your skills whilst being free from other pressures allowing you to totally concentrate on enhancing your game, additionally spending this time abroad will allow you chance to see parts of the world and meet new people with whom you share your enthusiasm for sport.

Once you’ve decided a gap year will be the right choice for you, you could take the opportunity and travel to destinations including Australia or Argentina to improve your own skill or help others improve their skills in the game . This unique opportunity could throw open a range of possibilities for you, you could look at a career in tennis coaching, whats more you’ll have the free time to explore a new country and experience their lifestyle and customs.

Typically a gap year tennis course can last between 6 weeks and 6 months dependant upon the individual goals, but this is flexible. At a maximum of 6 months, a gap year tennis course gives you plenty of time to explore nearby countries, or even return home to be able to earn money in readiness for a University course the year after.

Most organisers of gap year tennis experiences will make sure that as well as spending plenty of time on the courts, you are also offered many opportunities to explore any nearby surroundings. Within the a gap year tennis experience, you will be given a mentor for the time you will be there.

If choosing to coach others in tennis, you should expect to earn a decent sum of money for your time, as well as being offered some training in improving and developing your coaching skills. If you are considering coaching for a gap year then its crucial that you get the balance right, obviously you will be willing to give up enough of your time to earn some money but you don’t want to miss out on the truly amazing opportunity to visit places you may never have the opportunity to see again.

If you opt to head abroad to play and train in tennis you’ll not be receiving any income for your time, so you should make sure you have sufficient savings for you to fully enjoy your spare time. Overall from your gap year tennis you could come away having acquired new skills and learnt alot about yourself, this might be incredibly valuable when considering applying for university or jobs further later on.

Also remember, you don’t need to be a top-notch tennis player to get involved with a gap year tennis club. There’s a range of opportunities around providing for all abilities. All good organisers will ensure that you’re matched to the right club for your needs, whether you’re a casual player or even a aspiring professional.

This article was writte by R. Deans on behalf of Sport Lived , experts in gap year tennis programmes. For more info on gap year tennis programmes , please visit