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Stair lifts Comprehension: What are these Devices?

These are motorized lifting platforms or chairs that carry a person up and down the steps. A rail track is installed at the stair’s steps and the device is then affixed to it. Most of the lifts have arm and foot rests that are strategically placed on the tracks. This allows the elderly or the handicapped person to safely move without restraints anywhere in the house thus lessening the risks of falls or any accidents from happening.

Some people are quite disinclined to have one of these devices installed in their homes because they think that the bulky stair lifts due to aesthetic reasons. But this is not the case anymore as several companies specializing on these devices have come up with designs that are quite fashionable and come in various colors and models.

Furthermore, these lifts are now available in AC models (alternating current), where the lifts are connected to the main power supply of the house and DC models (direct current) that have rechargeable battery packs. The DC models are comparatively more expensive than the AC ones, however, these models are more recommended because of its many advantages such as continued use even with power outage and less bumpy motions while moving up or down the rails.

There are different types of stair lifts available in the market where you can choose from. One of these is the “seated stair lift”. This is one of the most widely held models since the person using it would sit comfortably on a chair that can pivot up to the edge of the rails. The “straight chair lift” is a cheaper model compared to the others plus it is very easy to install in the steps of the stairs. The “curved chair lift” are able to move around bends and glide across landings while the ‘outdoor chair lift” are heavier models that are weatherproofed and are appropriate for use on stairs outside the house.

If you plan to buy a simple straight stair lift, it would cost you around $2,800 – $4,000. These devices can have an asking price for up to $15,000 (including installation), depending on the model and how your stairs are designed. There are some states that would ask you to get a permit and require the inspection of the area where you will place your chair lifts. This would definitely add to you expenses. There are some companies, though, that offer pre-owned or rental programs that make these devices more accessible.

Stair lifts would really help the elderly and handicapped person feel more independent and would certainly boost their self-esteem knowing that they can still move around freely in their homes. Choosing one that fits your stair type, decorations and your budget won’t be difficult since there are many models to choose from.

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