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Stick with the Plan – How to Avoid Those South Beach Diet Disasters

The South Beach Diet does work for those who stick to it. The best way to avoid South Beach diet disasters is to make sure you follow the plan the way it was designed.

The best way to learn about the South Beach Diet is to read about this diet either from the book that this diet was first introduced in or articles such as this one. The general consensus is the same no matter where you learn about the South Beach Diet. Most reliable sources will tell you it can work for you if you let it. That is not a guarantee that it will work for most people, but it can for those who try.

This diet was originally designed for those who have symptoms that could lead to heart disease, diabetes, or other potentially dangerous condition. These were people who did not respond well to the traditional low fat and high carbohydrates diet. This diet was made up into three diet phases.

Phase one of the diet would eliminate a majority of all carbs that a person would normally eat, as well as all sources of saturated fat. These carbs would be those that are in most fruits, starchy vegetables, and refined breads. In place they would eat leaner meats, non-starchy vegetables, and no fruits.

Then, during phase two and three more and more carbs would be added. Then, the dieter would reach the point in which eating lean protein foods, whole grains rather than processed breads, a variety of lower carb fruits and vegetables, and a moderate supply of certain types of poly and monosaturated fat sources such as olive oil, nuts, and avocadoes.

This diet plan had become very popular mainly because it had worked in many cases. However, in order to avoid disaster, there are quite a few things a person should understand about this diet. Some of these things include as follows:

This diet is based on eating the right carbohydrates and the right types of fats. Many people label this diet a low carb diet primarily because of the first two weeks when most carbs are removed from the diet.

The first two weeks of the diet, which is called Phase I, is the strictest part of the diet. Once you get past the few days of this initial period, you are on your way to a healthier you. During this phase no baked goods, rich deserts, or alcohol is allowed. That is also in addition to no rice, breads, potatoes and other foods.

This diet gets easier after the first two weeks. Also, this is the stage in which you lose the most weight, so do not lose heart in Phase II and three when you only lose 1-2 pounds a weak. This is the way the diet was designed so do not give up.

You need to be patient as your body adjusts to the good carbs you are eating. It takes time to be comfortable with change no matter how good that change is. However, once you have adjusted to eating the new carbs in your diet you will become just as satisfied as if you had eaten the old ones.

This diet plan does allow you to eat until you are totally satisfied. However, keep in mind not to get carried away eating whatever you want, because that could get you into trouble.

Those who want to continue Phase I for longer can do so, and those who want to go back to a previous phase after advancing to the next phase of the diet can do so.

All of the above points are important to remember when deciding to commit to the South Beach Diet plan. In order for this diet to work for you, it is best to follow this diet the way it was designed to work. That is the best way to ensure that you will succeed at it.

Also, keep in mind that eventually during the diet you will be able to eat most of what you want, but during the initial stages, especially during Phase I it is best that you adhere to the instructions given to you during this phase.

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