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Stop Smoking by Overcoming Smoking Routines

So, dinner is over, and your family is out on the veranda enjoying laughter and chitchatting with coffee and your grandmother’s amazing pineapple upside-down cake.

But you have to get up from your comfortable seat amongst your loved ones and leave the room. Something will not let you stay here in this wonderful moment. Something is making you leave. And what is it? That after-dinner cigarette, of course. Demanding your attention and taking you away from the ones you love. It’s that same cigarette that sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night, or maybe that one that keeps you from being able to go in certain coffee shops with your friends from work because you cannot fathom the thought of having coffee without a smoke. Your cigarettes are stealing moments from your life every time you succumb to one of these routines, yet you feel helpless to their demand for attention. Even someone with the strongest willpower, the most resolute “I am going to quit for good” desire can be defeated by that infamous and powerful after-dinner cigarette, coffee break cigarette, or midnight snack cigarette. And it’s difficult to break free of your habit and addiction when it is so intertwined with routines that you are used to. But, my friends, it’s NOT impossible! You CAN quit smoking by overcoming your smoking routines. You CAN take back the power to own your moments and what you will do with them. And you can do it permanently, effectively, and safely using revolutionary techniques one small step at a time. Start by moving your copy table. Yes… moving your coffee table! Moving your coffee table out of your living room, or at least out of your reach, will teach you and your family how to deal with the inconvenience, uneasiness, and stress that comes with quitting smoking. Believe it or not, this important exercise will prepare you mentally for overcoming your smoking routines, and as you learn to adapt to the change, you will learn how to cope with breaking routines – a lesson that will carry over with huge success to your quit smoking efforts.
Utilizing routine-breaking techniques and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you can change your life in less than a month. Author Kevin Arthur Smith, a lifelong smoker and a former seller of cigarettes, accomplished this goal, and he is ready to share his lessons with you on his FREE five-part video course, 5 Steps to Becoming Smoke Free. (Click here) Once you realize how Kevin’s 5 Steps can benefit your life, read his book I Legally Sold Drugs: Changing Mindsets for a Smoke-Free You to break the cycle for good. You CAN quit smoking the easy way!

You CAN be free of the addictive nicotine chains – and the best way to get started is to sign up for Visit Kevin Arthur Smith’s FREE five-part video course, 5 Steps to Becoming Smoke Free. (Click here)
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