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Stress, Nutrition and the Herpes Virus…

Herpes is a virus that really feeds of the host’s central nervous system. When a person who has the herpes virus is on top of their game, the virus is kept silent. Hiding in the nerves by site of infection, but when stress strikes it’s like a red flag to the virus – Party time for old HSV. (Funny how it has the same initials as a big red car).

Often it is just when a person think ‘ nothing else can happen’, when the Herpes appears to say, “remember me” with Dr Evil grin. The best way to avoid Herpes outbreaks, and to minimize them when they do occur is to really deal with the stress. Some types are harder then others to deal with i.e. it may be easier to cut back on caffeine then it is to lock your partner in the closet to feel calm.

Improving diet can help with minimizing stress hugely, just think of all the unnecessary preservatives, crap, caffeine, sugar and chemical whoseewhatsit that is for sale in supermarkets around the world. If your body is taking, absorbing and digesting real foods – foods it knows and understands then the body’s stress will be less. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, fish and fresh meats are food the body readily recognizes. All of our enzymes have a specific food group that they deal to, and when there are chemically created and non-healthful foods being ingested daily the balance is well and truly thrown off. And the Herpes Virus is there to jump out and feed on that.

The Herpes virus feeds on arginine rich foods and is inhibited by lysine rich foods. If you have the Herpes virus chances are you have heard of these two amino acids – if not it is time to meet them. High Lysine Foods include Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Milk, Brewers yeast, Mung beans, Sprouts and Oat flakes. High Arginine Foods (to avoid during outbreak) are Peanuts, Pecans, Cashews, Almonds, Chocolate, Peas, Garlic, Ginseng, Whole wheat. It is a good idea to adopt this guideline around any stressful time.

It is great to take a note of the Arginine-lysine factor when dealing with stress and the Herpes virus, as some of the foods are classic ones our hands go out to when we want to feel better, particularly chocolate and bread. It’s not hard to eliminate these for a short while when the other option is suffering a Herpes virus outbreak. For other dietary options it is a great idea to see a naturopath who can provide a tailor-made you specific plan.

Other ways a naturopath can help eliminate the outbreaks of the Herpes virus is to provide a plan whereby stress is dealt with easily, and it is comfortable to keep healthy with an impenetrable immune system.

The Herpes virus is a serious condition and can be severe with a lot of people. The stigma attached to having the Herpes virus also adds to the stress, especially genital Herpes. A great stress reducing activity could be to join a Herpes chat room, or tell a close friend, so you always have someone to talk about it with. Having information is always really useful to not only recovery but to a life and health extraordinary.

Stephanie Young is a renown Naturopath and Medical Herbalist; she has practiced in the field of complementary medicine
for 8 years. Visit her HerpesFree
website for tips and strategies on living free fromHerpes