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Student Travel: A Rite of Passage

It is considered more and more normal to take a gap year. For the young people who have a gap year as their first experience of living away from home and organising their own lives, it is very much a rite of passage. It’s not surprising therefore that student travel has become an industry in its own right, with thousands of students and young people each eyar looknig for the best value transport, travel, accommodation and tours.

In recent years, the student travel industry has really evolved and there is more demand than ever for gap year arrangements. The industry covers almost everything: travel insurance for students and tickets for trains or planes. There’s also tour packages and accommodation. Part of the reason for this expansion is the fact that student travel no longer caters only for gap year students, but young graduates who have decided to take some time out before finding a job and other young people too. In essence, we are really talking about travel companies for young people when we say student travel companeis.

Young people with student travel experience often find that they are at an advantage, particularly in times of recession, with relation to employment and other opportunities. Employers tend to find that young people with travel experience have many skills to offer in the workplace such as organisation, independence, flexibility, adaptability intuition or languages. Student travel tends to make young people more employable.

When planning a gap year, or even just some time abroad, it is well worth considering a student travel provider. These days they are less likely to be aimed solely at students and more at particular age groups. It is the 18-35 age range which is most common. The major advantage of booking with such companies is that they are often much cheaper than ordinary travel agents and are usually better able to offer a degree of flexibility to the arrangements. When booking with a student travel tour company you can also feel sure that your tour will take in the sites that are likely to be interesting to you and your age group, because the tour is tailored to your demographic.

At times like this, with the recession, student travel can seem an unnecessary luxury and an expense. But now more than ever it’s important to stand out form the crowd in the labour market and the skills developed when travelling can be helpful.

Bob Holidays are a UK based tour company offering young people and student travel.