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Support Letter for Mission Trip

For many short term missionaries, writing and sending a support letter for mission trip seems like a daunting task that they fear constantly. However, through using some easy steps and also knowing that God has called that you go on a missions trip, it is certain that you will succeed.

Firstly, you must be as certain as possible that God actually wants that you participate on mission trips, in particular the one you are considering. You has to be ready to prepare often, and eager to learn innovative skills regarding different cultures, people, and strategies to life.

In addition, before you begin to write your support letter for mission trip, you must ask yourself a very important question: Do I have already got enough money saved to go without asking anyone for more?

If you have a sufficient amount of money in the bank, then you should be aware that God has now given you the money for the mission trip… and you also don’t need to raise any longer from anyone else!

I realize that may be hard to swallow, but take into consideration that God is the provider and owner of all the wealth on earth. He wants you to carry on a mission trip, anf the husband may have already provided sufficient money that you go without asking anybody else for the money He has provided to them. Bottom line: If you’ve got enough money in your banker, you don’t have to worry about mission trip fundraisers. Use that which you already have.

If you are not happy to do this, then maybe the lesson how the Lord is trying to show you is faith and stewardship. Your Christian mission trip training begins now, as part of your everyday life now, before your trip ever begins. If you are not willing to sacrifice now, how will you ever be willing to sacrifice in another culture inside a land to which you have not been?

If you sincerely do not possess enough money, next the fun (and fear) begins! Calling potential supporters and writing a support letter for mission trip fundraising is a good experience in your Christian walk. You will discover to trust God more, and discover how to serve others in a way that you have not before. And there are as many ways to raise money for mission trips because there are people in the world. But the best way I have found is to…


Yes, it is actually that simple when fundraising for mission trips. The fact is, you may not need to mail out any mission trip letters for donations whatsoever.

When the apostle Paul needed money to help the Jerusalem church, he simply asked for help from people who cared (but technically, he did send correspondence!).

If you would be willing to ask twenty people in person or on the phone to help you, more than likely you’ll have all the money you need. So many short-term missionaries are afraid or embarrassed ought to and instead “cop out” using the impersonal fundraising letter or some other, complex, mission trip fundraisers. If you simply can’t trust God now to empower you, how would you really know you can trust Him when you find yourself ten thousand miles overseas?

I want to encourage you to be willing to grow to be a Christian while you are doing mission trip fundraisers, even if you do have to write a support letter for mission trip fundraising, because that’s what God really wants from the whole process anyway.

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