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T Shirts for Teenage Boys

Buying clothes for teenagers and particularly boys can be a nightmare. On the one hand most teenage boys seem to have very little interest in anything to do with fashion and will happily wear the same old t shirts again and again and get completely messy in them without washing them. However at the same time they still will often refuse to wear anything you buy for them and will say that it’s not ‘cool’ or that perhaps it’s too ‘goth’ or too ‘jock’ or perhaps it’s not goth or jock enough…

If you’re buying t shirts for children or for teenagers as a gift then this is at least a good start. T shirts are relatively inoffensive and they’re very practical and easy. They’re not stuffy or smart and every teenage boy will wear t shirts of one kind or another. At the same time if you are buying t shirts this will be doing a favor for the child’s parents (or for yourself if you happen to be the parents). This is because t shirts are very easy to look after and maintain and while the kid in question might insist on skating through mud, it won’t matter too much if its on a good t shirt.

At the same time there is a lot to choose from with t shirts and you can almost certainly find t shirt designs that your recipient will like. This is partly because it is possible to get superhero t shirts, message t shirts, hip hop t shirts and a whole other range. In other words, you can brand the t shirt with a t shirt design that you know they are interested in and that they enjoy, and this will be an image that they will be happy to wear.

For instance then if you know that they are constantly playing on the Xbox 360 or on the Playstation 3, then perhaps now is the time to find out which games they like. There are plenty of gaming t shirts available online and any of these will likely go down a hit provided the recipient enjoys the game you choose. Assassin’s Creed, Arkham Assylum, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Crysis or Call of Duty are all popular games, so see if any of these interest them by bringing them up in conversation.

Similarly if they enjoy reading comics, or comic book movies then superhero t shirts are a sure fire hit. Just find out again which is their favorite hero and then you can get them the respective superhero t shirts that will allow them to dress up like their heroes in a way that is nevertheless ‘mature’ and socially acceptable for a teenager.

If the kid is into music then find out what genre. You can ask the parents here, ask the kid, or try and guess by their dress sense and which music stars they seem to be keen on imitating. Hip hop t shirts for instance are likely to be a hit, or if they are a little more on the rocky side, then something like Linkin Park t shirts will likely show that you’re still hip and know what you’re talking about.

Linkin Park t shirts or gaming t shirts are cool gifts to give to teenage boys. Follow the links for a range of options.